AFI Noble Prize for Literary Achievement

Here are the monthly winners for best writing on AFI - or what we call the Nominees for the Noble Prize in Literary Achievement in Art Fair Erudition.

The following people have entertained, informed, taught, thrilled, and generously helped us all year sharing 876 posts that help us all make our way through the art fair business. Our many thanks to these 12 and the other 864 who also enlightened us.

(Our apologies for being so late sharing the info. You know how life is ...)

Take a few minutes now, stop and read them and then at the end you can vote for the Post of the Year and the winner of the Noble Prize. (prizes will be awarded)


January - Nels Johnson - "WHY WE DO ART SHOWS (besides the money)- - Englewood, FL - - ITS A GOODIE!"

February - Robert M. Wallis - "St. Louis Art Fair Mock Jury and Image Workshop 2013, Part 1"

March - Nels Johnson - 3 Parts: "The Grand Scheme Finally Revealed--Everybody gets rich, even Barry Bernstein"; "The Grand Scheme Revealed --Level Two--Barry Bernstein will Love this"; "The Grand Scheme -- the Uber-Deluxe Package for $999.00."

April - Oscar Matos Linares - "The only thing I ask you God."

May - John Smith - "Top Ten Lessons Learned from our First Show or Learning to Swim by Jumping in the Pool"

June - Elle Heiligenstein - "Show Review: Art in the Park, Columbia, MO"

July - Valerie Tyler - "Being respectful of all buyers"

July - Mary Johnston - "Ouch - The ZERO show"

August - Jim Parker - "A Trifecta of National Shows- -Des Moines, Cherry Creek & Ann Arbor (the Original)"

September - Melanie Rolfes - "Alexandria"

October - Carole Fleischman - "BAYOU CITY ART FESTIVAL DOWNTOWN, HOUSTON TX 2013"

November - Geoff Coe - "My Northeast Show Summer: Sandy and Sequester take their toll" (tie)

November - Larry Berman -  "The New Definition of Owning Art"  (tie)

December - Pat Sorbini  -  "Re-calculating"

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And besides this is one business where everyone knows how to extend a deadline.

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  • I hope so.

  • I miss her also, Suzanne. Her husband became very ill and she had to stop doing her art and went back to her job until he is well again. I believe she will reappear.

  • Please vote up guys to let these folks know we appreciate the time they spend writing their posts.  I know, it takes some time to sit down and put together a post. 

  • Whatever happened to Elle? I miss her.
  • I thought I would let somebody else win it this year.

This reply was deleted.