Hello, All:

I have pondered about this show for a couple of years and I have heard good and bad things about this event (just like any other, right?)  Can anyone offer info:  attendance, buying energy, etc.?  Is it worth a 7 hour drive?  Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello Melanie,

    I joined the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh last year and I am now on the board. I was an art vendor for the past two years at the Fair… so… from an insider perspective I can offer the following info:

     This year the guild hired new local organizers for this event and they have a lot of great experience and enthusiasm.  There will be positive changes like more advertising and outreach in the community.  We are planning on having some fabulous local food trucks for a greater variety of food options.   Our team of jurors will be focusing on quality and diversity from artist applicants.  The setting in the park is beautiful and last year we had great weather.  The show attendance is between 15,000 and 20,000.  For the artists there is free parking, booth sitting, a festival t-shirt and drive up loading and unloading! We also have a catered artist dinner party on Saturday night which is a great way to network and relax.

    I see some wonderful changes for this show and am excited to be apart of it!   The Craftsmen’s  Guild is really dedicated to making this a top notch show that is fun and friendly for the community and well organized and profitable for the artists!  (The deadline for applications is postmark April 10th



    Kathryn Carr


  • Hello, Colleen:

    Thank you very much for your very insightful comments about this event.  I will have to rethink this one.  

    Kind regards.


  • Hi Melanie,

    I have participated in this show for several years with my line of porcelain jewelry, though not consecutively. Seems I bring the bad weather with me for this show (or maybe it's every year) because when I do it, at least one full day is lost. The last time, in 2012, the Saturday was a bust with non-stop rain. However, the audience did make up for it on Sunday. 

    I have loved this show in the past. It's a pleasant park, good family venue, great entertainment, the patrons are fairly enthusiastic and I enjoy the area...my sales were decent at around $2.5K to $3.5K and customers were loyal with post-event online sales. Average sale usually consisted of several items at this show. Crowds can be there if the weather is nice, though mostly there is steady traffic, even if it's not. 

    What I felt at this last event (2012) was a little discouraging (besides losing out to weather) was that the jurying wasn't up to snuff and the patrons seemed less enthusiastic. I'd spoken to a couple who were exhibiting across from me, members of the Craftsmen's Guild, and they seemed to agree that the quality was down to the event's glory years and that once that happens, the better-heeled patrons will stop coming...seems many of them have. I also didn't like having to compete with the exhibitors inside the botanical center...it was a separate show with more "crafty" items but the public goes where it wants , especially if it's cold and rainy outside.

    I drove about 7 hours for this event this last time and still made a profit, albeit smaller than I'd hoped based on the past. I like to leave on a good note with some encouragement:  with better jurying, this event may be able to reclaim its little gem status, in my book....give it a try! I know that I will, again.

  • Thank you, Larry, for your comments.

  • I don't know about seven hours, but living here, I used to do it when I was still doing local shows. Now I sponsor an award of my services.

    The show is run by the Craftsmen's Guild and is jury exempt for guild members. The guild is a 3D guild so 2D artists aren't allowed to be members. The jury is for the remaining spaces and open to anyone.

    Not exactly answering your questions but it's a toss up between this show and Howard's Shadyside show as to which is better for sales. You might want to consider applying to both. They are usually two weeks apart separated by Labor Day weekend.

    Larry Berman

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