Watch the Lightening

Piece # 210 "Watch the Lightening"A Zoria's Creation. Krista DeSelms © 2012This is a thrilling little piece of Moonstone with a vivid yellow lightening bolt slashing through it's beautifully blue surroundings.Moonstone wrapped in square Gold Filled wire.Moonstone is one of the best known and most valuable varieties of feldspar. This translucent gemstone features an iridescent sheen called "adularescence." By virtue of what is termed as adularescence, a gem displays a billowy floating light which appears to come from below the surface.Gold Filled Wire is not the same as Gold Plated. Gold Filled is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded to a bass metal. Gold Filled Wire has over 100% more gold than Gold Platting does. Gold Filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant than plated. Anyone who can wear Gold can wear Gold Filled without worries of allergic reactions to the jewelry.In the notation 14/20 the 14 refers to the gold being 14k and the 20 refers to the law that to be labeled "Gold Filled" the weight of the wire has to be 1/20th
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