21 Gun Salute

Piece # 125 "21 Gun Salute"A Zoria's Creation. Krista DeSelms © 2011The 21 gun salute has a long origin that is as global as any symbol of honor can be. It began as a sign of intent, warriors would put their weapons in an ineffective position to show respect and that they meant no harm. This habit is found in almost all nation's histories. "A North African tribe, for example, trailed the points of their spears on the ground to indicate that they did not mean to be hostile." Later on when military forces would meet they'd give a gun salute as a sign of peaceful intention. Larger armies often made smaller ones fire their weapons first before obliging. Eventually the United States of America adopted the 21 Gun Salute to be the highest honor given to a fallen soldier, and is now performed at funerals of men and women who have passed.This is a cartridge from my love's Grandfather's 21 Gun Salute, wrapped in Gold Filled wire so it can be worn in remembrance of a wonderful man who knew what was important and fought for what he loved.www.Zorias.com
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