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Lighting setup Custom made

I made my own lighting system for my booth.

It gives lots of light over all three walls.

I have done them as two circuits so they can vary the light with the two dimmers separately.

The light units themselves are not noticeable, unless someone is loo

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EcoFlow River 500-watt Battery

A neighbor at this past weekend's show shared with me her new River Battery that she uses for her LED lighting setup. This was her first time using it so she could not give me a full review. Anyone out there using this device with a bit more experie

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Anyone use flood lights?

I have 6 LED lights from propanel and honestly, they just aren't cutting it. And they are such a pain to set up as my booth walls are 9' tall. I was thinking about getting a couple flood lights to clamp on my stabilizer bar at the front of my tent an

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