Display Lighting

Sleek LED lights for table displays. I have 4 of the half-moon shape and two of the thinner round shape.  The light is white and shows true color. These lights are so great that I had vendors coming over to ask me about them at every show. $20/light, pick up in NJ. If interested, please email me at JackieDavidson7@gmail.com

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  • Hi Jackie--are these still available?  If so, could we arrange for them to be shipped to me?  I would pay, of course--thanks!

    Robin W.

    • Hi Robin,

      Yes, they are still available. I would need to bring them to UPS to have them packaged up safely and shipped; not sure how much that would cost. I would need your address in order to check how much they'd charge to pack and ship the lights. If you would like me to check, please email me your address at jackiedavidson7@gmail.com. Thanks.

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