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Power supply for lights

Forgive, if this was discussed before. I did see where someone had advised to use a 500 watt Portable Power Station. I looked at Lowe's today & I am confused. It said 750 Amp & upon reading the internal papers it said it could only pull 200 watts con

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The Latest on Lighting?

I'd like to add lighting to my booth. Many of the shows I do prohibit generators, so I'm looking at a battery-operated solution.

At recent shows, I've seen exhibitors using both CFLs and LEDs. If any of you are willing to share details about your set

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I am an oil painter and i haven't been exhibiting at many art fair yet, but I plan to attend approx 8 to 10 starting in the spring. Right now I have two sets of  halogen track lights with 4 lights on each track. This just isn't cutting it AND I want

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