I am an oil painter and i haven't been exhibiting at many art fair yet, but I plan to attend approx 8 to 10 starting in the spring. Right now I have two sets of  halogen track lights with 4 lights on each track. This just isn't cutting it AND I want to make a set  of LED lights powered by a boat battery. Lights are so important to display my work properly and it seems alot of artist look over this very important part of their display. I have even seem people with no lights when the sun goes down and then they are at the mercy of their kind neighbors . I even took down a few clamp type lights I had up at this show to give to this poor artist who just over looked that detail that the show would continue on into the evening.

            I was wanting to know if anyone had a link to a site that sells a good set of these lights. I have seem some artist with amazing lights and it makes the world of difference, even on cloudy days. Or any info on lights would be great. I am getting a new tent top with awnings and want to put lights from the awning to light up my outside walls as well. How many LED lights can a large boat battery power for 8 hours?  Thx everyone

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  • See this discussion.

  • Halogen lights will eat up a marine battery very quickly, You might try an Ikea store if you have one near you they have small directional lights that should suit your need.

    • well what I was going to get is LED lights for the boat battery, just wondering if anyone knows of a place to get some that are known to be good?

  • I assume you're referring to the $59 track lights from Home Depot. If you attach them to a cross bar midway into your booth, they'll be more effective. But that won't help if you don't have electricity at the show. I've never used DC bulbs, but I'd check with marine product suppliers.

    Larry Berman
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