• LED bulbs are coming down in price rapidly. At our local home center, prices come down about once a month. The fixtures from Propanels are especially attractive, and probably well worth $20. Some track fixtures will not accept LED bulbs, so these may well be worth the investment. The specs that matter are watts consumed, lumens output, and color temperature.  Lower color temperatures are generally better, like golf scores. When you evaluate bulbs, try to get the maximum lumens, with the minimum watts. Color temps should be 3500-4000, 14 watts giving 700 lumens is about as good as it gets today, but this will change rapidly,

    This is truly a situation where buying bulbs as you leave to do a show may be the best. The up side is that you may get 40,000-50,000 hours of use from an LED bulb. One article we read said that our children may buy a home and never have to change the light bulbs as long as they own the home. 

    We are on the leading edge of development in LED. It's just like computers, prices will fall rapidly over the next few years.

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