10x10 dome topped ArtCraft tent.  Includes all 4 walls, awning and 4 large weights. 

  • Tent is in good condition with very little stains. I dont remember any rips (its been 3 years since it was setup). It is a very heavy-duty tent that waas originally over $3,000 with the walls, awnings etc.
  • Legs can extend from about 6 feet up to 9 or 10 feet and adjust in different incriments to handle adjustable terrain. I cant quite remember the exact height but i know if i put it all the way it was higher than my ProPanels (not for sale) with the legs all the way up.
  • There is also an extra pole for a door in the back if you want to set it up that way. 
  • The canopy/tent is folded into one zipper bag
  • the poles and frame are all in a second zipper bag - the zipper is broken on this bag but i have a wripe that use to keep it closed with no issues. 

Weights are 4' long x 4" around made of PVC and filled with cement. They include eye hooks on one end and handles on the side for easy carrying. They work GREAT to weigh the tent down and are low low-profile enough to be able to be zipped into the tent if you have to close all the walls up for storms. I have rode out some major storms in this tent and we survived without any damage each time when other tents blew away or were broken by winds. This thing is SOLID. 

I also have a bin of other accessories i used to use which include if you want them.

  • 5600k white LED strip lights (6 feet each that are flexible) which i velcro to the support poles going across the ceiling. These light the entire booth very well. I used these for many night shows and it creates beautfiul indirect light through the whole tent. 
  • 4 Screw anchors for anywhere that allows it.
  • Extra tools, rope, screws and parts for the tent. 
  • Maybe some other stuff i added to the "i need this" box from doing a lot of shows.  I figoured i would just give it all to whoever buys the tent if they want it. 

If you are intersted, let me know. It is in storage now but i can get to it if you want to come We are on the east side of dallas near Wylie, Tx. Here is my email: mail@clintbrewer.com 

Sorry-not the best pic of it. Ill find a better one and replace when i can locate one. 


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  • Is this still available?  You can text me at 985-768-9923.  Thank you!


  • -- Selling for $900 OBO

    Pickup only


    **I believe ArtCraft was bought by Trimline as these tents are identical. In case you are wanting to look this tent up. Currently its the same as a Trimline tent. I had a friend with a new Trimline and they were nearly identical. 

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