FOR SALE Arts/Crafts Show Set-up


Propanel Walls with accessories (Oatmeal color) – Enough for a 10x15’ display

            Retail $2517.40 -  will sell complete set for $1888.00

            Selling as a complete set only


Lighting System and battery pack for shows

            Retail $1273. 00– will sell complete set for $954.00

            Selling as a complete set only


Hauler 6x10 Haukmark

            Includes spare tire. Barn Doors back opening. Side door.

            Retail $2700.00 = will sell for $1500.00


Contact me at for details

            Must pick up. Cash only. – no shipping. Located near Milledgeville, GA

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  • SOLD. Thanks y’all.
  • Oh my, Maryllis. Are you retiring from the business? You've been such a great contributor to this site, for many years. I'd love to know what is happening with you.

    • Gosh. You remember me. :-) I've been quiet for quite some time. Checking in AFI and enjoying the conversations. Yes I am retiring from the on-the-road art business. Still loving photography. Lots of changes to share. But right now the daughters and grandson are getting ready to leave after a lovely long weekend together. I'll get back with you later. Hugs. M.

  • Is the hauler still available?
    • The hauler is still available. Still interested?

    • I have one inquiry ahead of you right now. I will let you know if that person decides to pass on this. / Maryllis

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