The Third Ward art show in Milwaukee—Awesome

I turned 77 today.

Thought I would write a great blog.

This is going to be one of my last four blogs.

I am retiring from blogging after 10 years doing it.

Will you miss me?

This is an Amy Amdur show held on Labor Day weekend in a great location.

The Third Ward is right downtown.  Full of happening retail and bars and restaurants.  Lots of young people everywhere.

My best bud, Jim Wilbat--outstanding glass artist-- has done the show for about three years.  So I tried it for the first time.

A welcome addition to my show schedule.

We were able to park in a lot and dolly right to our booths.

Friday setup with weekend show.

Held on street pavement, plenty of storage space behind.

The Amdur team are pros, everything flowed smoothly.

We actually had nippy weather both days, I was in a long sleeve pullover both days. 
Small shows, well under 130 artists.

Noticed I said artists, not vendors.  Enough said.

Lots of well dressed patrons, and they spent money on art, what a concept.

Saturday was a Lowend day, barely did $1.5 K. Mostly prints out of the bins.

Sunday was different. Sold lots of framed work.  Saw lots of others float by my booth.

People were very engaged.  Got asked lots of questions about my work, how refreshing.

The show is a winner, will gladly do it again.

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  • Yes Nels.  I will miss you.  I'm no longer doing shows, but I still pop in here now and then and it's always a happy surprise when you've given us a blog to read.  I'm a reader.  I know good writing.  You've got it.  Keep writing - something, somewhere.


  • Nels, You will be missed. Your blogs were the best and always informative. Have a great birthday and enjoy many more. Also enjoy your pending retirement.

  • Thank you, great blog

    • I missed it - happy birthday

  • happy birthday!

    • Thanks, very much

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