Secret Santa

Please explain how to post Secret Santa pictures.

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  • and if you click on "Get Started" at the top of this site there is a tutorial to help.

    click here:

  • Thank you for the information, Jacki.  I appreciate receiving an explanation.

  • Don, I don't think it is very hard.  However, I haven't done in in a few years.  

    I am writing this answer in a box.  When you post your gift you also will be writing about the gift in a box.  There is a gray outline around this answer box and at the top is a small square that is supposed to represent a photo. 

    379597088?profile=original&width=125To add photos of your gift click on the small photo button.  An orange box will open.  Click on the browse button.  I found the cupcake photo in my photos and clicked on it.  The info box asked it I wanted this photo to be on the left, right, or centered.  I clicked left.  I will click centered for my gift photo though.  Then in a box you will write a number for how big you want the photo.  For this cupcake I wrote 125.  I will need a larger number for my gift.  Try 600 - 800 to give yourself an idea for how large the photo will become.  Of course, you will have to down load your photos to your computer to add them to a post.  Hope that helps.

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