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I have a question regarding jury photos.  What do you all think about picture-in-picture details of a smaller part of the work in the photo?  Is it distracting, or does it give the jurors an opportunity to see the details of a large piece?  I make ceramic art with sculpted elements, so the whole piece is interesting, but there are details that would be missed by an overall photo.  Good or bad?  Thanks in advance for your input.

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Comment by Larry Berman on September 9, 2012 at 3:17pm

This is better asked on the jury forum:

But to answer your question, anytime I've asked that question to jurors they unanimously say the less you give them to see the faster they can evaluate your work in a given time period. Especially shows that project the images because the first round can be under 20 seconds and sometimes closer to 10 seconds.

Two things you can do. You can make the full size image the detail and inset the full item, maybe adding a drop shadow or stroke so it stands out and doesn't confuse the jurors that it's all one item. The other thing is to make your detail image a different item than the rest of your jury images. For example, the names could be; item 1, item 2 item 3, detail of item 4, booth.

What you do need to do is keep track of what you use to apply to each show to see what works. That information should also include whether or not the shows you're applying to project the images or use monitors. The reason to keep track of projection vs. monitors is that most shows that use monitors let the jurors go at their own pace, probably from home. Compare that to a set of jurors in one room looking at images projected approximately 40 inches square on multiple screens with the timing of the projection very short.

Larry Berman

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