Hi! My family and I are moving to Atlanta, (Suwanee) Georgia in a few weeks. I am wondering if you may recommend any shows in that area?

I make handcrafted jewelry (non-beaded, $20-$60 range). My schedule is full through October here in the Midwest area, but I'd love to add a few shows from November through May.

Any suggestions or advice would be SO appreciated. We are completely unfamiliar to this area.

Thanks in advance,


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  • I want to send out a gigantic "THANK YOU" for all of the responses. I really appreciated your suggestions, directions and comments. I may contact some of you again once we move to the Atlanta area!! Thanks a bunch!!

  • Rhonda, check our website, www.callsforartists.com.  There you will see shows that are looking for artists.  You may find a few in the Atlanta area.

  • I live in ATL, 2-D mixed, 10 years exp. Winter is tough in GA for shows. The metro area is saturated (over-saturated) with shows so with the exception of Dogwood, there aren't many really good shows here. That is nobody leaves their neighborhood to go to a show and just because a show is in a "good" neighborhood, doesn't mean people will come out. So, ask a friend about a show before applying.  Check some of the good shows like Dogwood and as Larry mentioned Artisphere and look at where the other jewelers are going. Some great school fundraising shows are available particularly at Christmas. Spring shows start in April, look at Inman park for an initiation, Fairhope, AL (two concurrent shows) and Virginia-Highlands and Decatur. 

    Be careful in FLA. Artists have been know to starve to death there following Ponce De Leon.  Those shows are really, really hit or miss. When in doubt, take a pass - or just send me the booth fee, I will wait six months and refund half of it, it will be like doing the show without having to set up....lol.

  • Contact me for info.  I live near Atlanta and do many of the shows.  The North Georgia region has an abundance of shows, but only a few that are truly "fine art" oriented.  Google searches will net long lists.  Suwanee has its own Art Festival, as I recall.  Jewelry is a tough entry in this area, the "bead craze" really took hold in this part of the South.  I would suggest you contact the show to see if their jewelry section is sold out before tendering $25-50 jury fees (many of the shows grandfather artists in and the only way to get jewelry in the show is to wait for one of them to die - BUT the shows will happily pocket your jury fee year after year).

  • Hey Rhonda I sent you a friend request.  I feel I have been rather vocal about ATL.  My experience is not as dire as some of the other posts.  I am happy to talk to you.  Friend me if you want. 

  • The easy way is to just go to ZAPP and put Georgia in the search engine for show listings. Atlanta as a city is too limiting and you'll miss a lot of shows in the suburbs. Also look at the shows in the surrounding states. Artisphere in Greenville SC is considered a really good show.

    Larry Berman

  • There has been a ton of discussion about Atlanta shows since there are so many of them. Here's one thread http://www.artfairinsiders.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2160589%3ABlog...

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