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  • Thanks for your comments, Bruce.  Sounds like you're not too thrilled with this show and I appreciate the warning.

  • Bring work that is cheap and quickly made. I live near this crap fest. If you have cheap work and know how to dress country you may sell some.
  • WOW, Jan!  Thanks for taking the time for such a thorough answer.  I'm definitely going to give it a shot.  Hope I make it in.

  • I have done the War Eagle Fair for five years and the reported crowds are no joke. They begin lining up before the gates open at 8AM (you read that right!). They come regardless of the weather or temperature. Thursday and Friday get the most traffic (wall to wall crowds). Sunday, as with most shows, is much slower. You should be aware that most of the booths at the Fair are of the crafty variety rather than fine art (statement of fact, not an editorial comment), but there are a few booths with somewhat finer art (mine, for instance, is on the cusp between craft and art) and they have sales all weekend too. The booths are pretty much "set" at the end of every show; if you are "in" and want to come back, just pay the next year's booth fee at the end of the weekend and you are "in" again. I have had the same spot and same neighbors every year. Getting into the show requires some turnover, and there always is a bit. If you decide to do it, be prepared for the conditions and layout. Your 8' x 13' space is inside a giant canopy, which may not be entirely waterproof. At the very least there are nighttime drips since the temperature hits the dew point every night. Therefore mornings are cold and wet. Unless there is a low pressure system (cold front) in the area, the days warm up (sometimes quite a bit) and the afternoons become dusty as the ground drys. Mud and dust in one day. Bring plastic to drape over your work at night to protect it from drips. Your source of electricity is a light bulb, so you will have to bring an outlet adapter that screws into a light socket (any hardware store will have one). For some inexplicable reason, the organizers don't really spell this out in detail.
  • Thanks for your comments, Bob.  I'm going to go ahead and give it a try.  Ozarks in the Fall should be beautiful and it will not be the first gamble I've ever made.

  • I wonder the same thing.  I too have heard the crowds are good, and from what I can tell, there are actually two shows going simultaneously - one at each end of the bridge. It definately looks interesting, but the booth fee + 10% scares me a little for some reason.

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