Saint Paul, MN

Your Medium

Jewelry - silver and gold wire

Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

Arts @ The Oval, Roseville, Minnesota

What is your website?


What are the best things about art fairs

Getting to see and explore other parts of the country.

Best show ever and why

The War Eagle Fair, October 2010. SALES, SALES, SALES!!

Worst show ever and why

Indoor craft show at the Blaine Sports Center (MN). "Did you really make all this??" got old very quickly. I actually only did this show to work the bugs out of a new booth redesign, so my expectations were low to begin with. Definitely not "my people!"

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

I found AFI through a Google search. I don't remember what I was searching for at the time.

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  • Thank you, Jan, for referring Tif Holmes to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Happy birthday, Jan! I hope this will be a fun-filled day for you and you really celebrate. May the year upcoming be one full of adventures, creativity, friends and your best one ever.
  • I just checked out your website, Jan. Your designs are stunning!  I envy your expertise.


  • I'd be happy to. I've only just got the credit card hardware to attach to my phone, but have been using the application for all my cash sales all summer long. I'll post what I know at this point and as I use it, I'll add to it. My next show is November 13-14th. This is also the end of my first season of art festivals/shows, so I'm really new at a lot of this still.
  • Thumbs Up
  • Many, many thanks for your support!
  • Hi Jan,
    You goodies are lovely....my favorite sorts of items....

    Well, about insurance. I have never had anyone ask specifically to see my proof of insurance, but I certainly wish I had insurance after one of my first shows. It was a early Spring Show in Michigan and there was a terrible storm. We returned Saturday Morning and our tent was in the nearest field. No one told us about weights or staking and we had no insurance coverage. We lost almost everything. I was sharing a spot with a candle making friend and it was a complete loss for her.
    After that, my husband added an extra rider onto our homeowners and car insurance. They don't cost a huge amount, but I carry about 7,000 dollars worth of stuff at shows now and if anything like that happened again it would be devastating. I feel so much better at shows now knowing we have that extra security.
    Also regarding the home coverage.....we designers tend to accumulate alot of inventory over time and if something happened to your home, chances are that would not be covered.....Just hand tools alone, as a wire worker, can be $500 or more in value...I'm sure you know. I
    I am not sure if this helps you out or is even what you were looking for....
    I don't think they can require insurance for shows, but I still highly recommend having it.
    Best wishes,
    Amy Huff
  • How about using posts on earrings rather than wires? My wife prefers posts and I am thinking
    of something very simple. We like clean and simple. Have you ever heard of James Avery?
    He's a local guy who started in a garage and now employs about 100 people and also now
    has several shops around the state. Does mostly, but not, all religious pieces, gold and or silver.
    He's top rate. May send you a drawing to work on. By that I mean that my part would be a simple
    idea for you to enlarge upon.
  • Jan: Your work is very different. That is great. I have done some silver and gold
    myself with lost wax. In fact, our wedding rings (now well worn) were made by me.
    I have also made the setting for some articles for people, stones, ancient artifacts, etc.
    I also like your professional presentation of your work. How would someone buy from you
    through this site? Those earings #1 would look great on my wife if within my price range.
    Christmas is coming 2010 and thinking ahead is great.
  • Hey Jan, Nice hart pins! Good job.
This reply was deleted.