Ingram, Texas

Your Medium

Pottery (then) brazed crosses, wooden crosses, now combining both.. jewelry, photography

Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

In a library show window, Trenton, Michigan

What is your website?


What are the best things about art fairs

Meeting wonderful, interesting people and trading work. Learning new ideas.

Best show ever and why

Ann Arbor Street Fair in the beginning. We were all together, trying to make ourselves known. Also, the first year of our art Festival at St. Thomas Epsicopal Church in Trenton, Michigan. We cleared a thousand dollars the very first year, and brought art to a working class neighborhood. It was a very satisfying effort.

Worst show ever and why

None, all brought friends.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

After nine years in the Ann Arbor Street Fair, auspices of an invo through Mike Church and demonstrating every year, in my last year I had sent in my application , been accepted, notified that I would again demonstrate, and some nit came along with a clipboard and asked me what right I had to be there and demonstrating. I don't remember my last year date, which is not right at hand at the moment. This is all being included in my autobiography. My mother, as sculptress, Eileen Anderson a modernist painter, and myself a potter, combined efforts in two booths and made them a gallery. I found little art activity in the Downriver area when looking for art fair info in 1952. Therefore, I founded the Downriver Arts and Crafts Guild and annual show and I believe it is still going today, having a site on the web.

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  • Thanks Larry, good to have new pottery friends, Jackie

  • Thanks so much for the gift, Larry! My first ghost...

    Welcome back to the US and to AFI -- we look forward to your mature wisdom.
  • Larry, thanks for referring John R. Popp to Art Fair Indsiders. We appreciate all your help.

  • hey...thanks a lot...larry....
    ur advise proved to b of big help...........
    looking forward to see more of ur interestinhg work......
  • wow.....i love ur work....esspeacially Dbl vase.....n creature......
    i love pottery toooo.....bt neva tried......wud love to......:)
    can u help me....n suggest hw n wher i shud learn this art?
    i m an artist cm fashion designer.....totally passionate abt all sorts of art.....
    jus joined this site yestrday.....n loving it.....hope to mek new intersting frnds.....
  • Larry, thank you for the kind comments about my work. If you ever want to purchase something, you can do so either from my shop on etsy (http://janraven.etsy.com) or directly from my website (http://JanRa-Jewelry-Designs.com). I try to keep the listings up to date, and change the items every few months. I always have a complete selection in my booth, of course! I'm not doing any shows near Texas this year. The closest I will be is The War Eagle Fair (NW Arkansas) in October. Thanks for looking!!
  • I like your work. Just finished reviewing photos.
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