Lansing, MI

Your Medium

Artisan/Mixed Media Jewelry

Years in the Art Fair Business

6 years

What are the best things about art fairs

Meeting new friends and fellow artists~Trading I love to collect other artists work.

Best show ever and why

Though it may not be our best show financially, I always enjoy Grand Ledge Island Art Fair~It's close to home and we have great times visiting with past customers and friends. The fair is on a lovely little Island in a great Historic Town.......

Worst show ever and why

Kalamazoo, MI Summer Park show~2006 101 degrees, HOT and HUMID and we were right next to one of those pan flute players that sells imported crap jewelry and plays the same three songs ALL DAY LONG~ I ended up with one of the worst Migraines ever......

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

Massive headaches or horrible wind, rain and sleet....... Oh and I lost my very first Tent in a horrible spring storm at Uncle Johns Cider Mill, Michigan. We came back on Sunday morning and our tent was in the next field. We lost everything~ Always use WEIGHTS and STAKES and get that extra Business rider on your insurance plan.

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  • Hi Amy! I would sure appreciate any input about the Great Lakes Art Fair insurance issue!
  • Thanks for joining, Amy. This necklace is so cute. What is your show schedule looking like? I'd love to see your work.
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