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  • I completely agree with everything you said, but at a "median price point" sort of goes against that. I live about 40 miles away, but will pass on this one for the reason I mentioned. Let us know if you end up doing it!
  • I have not done the show, but I am from the area originally.  It is a small town, but it is a monied town.  Last year they got ranked as the "snobbiest" town in Michigan - country clubs and private schools.  They have the highest median income and 2nd highest home prices in Michigan.  If you are near and wouldn't have much in the way of travel expense, it might prove fruitful.  

  • Hi Derek, from FNO: looks like a small show only 3500 in attendance and only 75 exhibitors. Maybe ok if your local but too far for me to drive.

  • And at $300 both fee, it is at the high end of what I want to pay. But being that I would have to set up on Thursday and then sell Friday and Saturday, it basically makes it a 3 day event which is not going to work for me.

    Sorry I don't have any good info to help you out!
  • That is what prompted me to post this inquiry. If it's low prices that sell it would take a lot of sales to be profitable.
  • I need to do more shows, this could be one maybe. I noticed the comment "The Spring Fling is a high quality art and handcrafted show however not a fine art show; median priced items sell best.". What do you suppose "median" means? $10? $20? $50?
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