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Final Winners in the Pledge Drive - With Thanks from Us!

That was a lot of fun, with a wonderful response from artists, art shows, art fair patrons and advertisers across the country.

Here are the official winners:

  1. Dorraine Watts - Kindle with built in Wi-Fi
  2. Brian Bass - pottery by Sarah Silva
  3. Tahmi DeSchepper - consulting services with Larry Berman
  4. Shirley Baker - canopy weights from James Eaton
  5. Kristen Walsh - Sunshine Artist subscription
  6. Woody Smith - Auntie M's peanut brittle
  7. Steph Mader -Sunshine Artist subscription
  8. Lenore Lampi - free booth at a Howard Alan Event
  9. Barbara Johnson - mobile Polaroid printer
  10. Suzanne Krongold - NAIA membership
  11. Barbara McLaughlin - consultation with Connie Mettler
  12. Susan Miller - consultation with Connie Mettler
  13. Melanie Rolfes - subscription to Sunshine Artist
  14. Leslie Kaplan - Level 2 membership to Festival Network Online
  15. Donald Dixon - CDs from Paul Adams and Dave Hoffman
  16. Barbara Nelson - Expert Website Review from Scott Fox
  17. Michelle Wermuth - pottery from Barry Bernstein
  18. Carolina Niebres - t shirt from the Des Moines Art Festival
  19. Barbara Berney - Frog Bag from Lynda Wallis
  20. Jetze Beers - Sunshine artist subscription
  21. Wendy Edwards - CDs from Paul Adams and Dave Hoffman
  22. Anne Tindell - a year's membership  to Online Marketing Coaching Community
  23. Jacqueline Gomez - Frog bag from Lynda Wallis
  24. Ginny Herzog - Expert Website Review from Scott Fox
  25. Julie Crouse - subscription to Sunshine Artist
  26. Wendy Shattil - a year's membership  to Online Marketing Coaching Community
  27. Br. Xavier Pankovits - candles from Michelle Sholund
  28. Paolo & Patty DeMaria - Frog bag from Lynda Wallis
  29. Peggy Whitson  - t shirt from the St. Louis Art Fair
  30. Linda Shields - decorated cookies from Auntie M's Baked Goods
  31. Don Lake - choice of tshirt
  32. Terri Anderson - oatmeal cookies from Auntie M's
  33. Terry McCray - Silver palm tree from Lynda Keen

A last thank you to the supporters:

Brian Bass, Michael Kuehl, Loree Rinck, Hyacinth Manning, Joan Tweedell, Stacey Miller, Bobby Schochet, Steph Mader, Anne Tindell, Roberta Starbird, Philip Marty, Paula Grill, Dorraine Watts, Sherry Martin, Margaret Hagopian-Slack, Geri Wegner, Charles Bingham, Barbara Berney, Ronald Gould, Don Lake, Pat Finney, John Leben, Jerry Maschinot, Jill Richman, Kay Foley at Ampersand Cards, Linnea Swanson, Michelle Wermuth, Emily Pezzulich, Shaari Horowitz, Silent Echoes, Howard Rose, Barbara Nelson, John MacDonald, Luisa Velasquez, Currie Silver, Bruce Eaton, Gary Willcock, Rick Hall & Tina Willis, Barbara McLaughlin, Melanie Rolfes, Wally Parshall, aLightGoesOn, Bo Mackinson, Harrison Otalor, Clair Thompson, Bruce and Christine Green, Ginny Herzog, Teressa Getz, Margie Luttrell, Dave Dinsdale of Pristine Images, Maija Baynes, Nancy Potts,Tahmi de Schepper, LJ Young, Susan Hohman, Lynn & Michael Krause, Nancy Wasserman, Richard Grossman, Shirley Baker, Danglez, Carol Faith, Kay Cummins, Betty Householder, Mary Hermansen, Sherry Curtis, Impact Gallery, Ilze Heider, Diana Bruni, Beverly Shine, Hannelore Jundt-Pritchard, Susan Russo, Karen Brown, Lenore Lampi, Lynda Chevrier, Crystal, Medusa's Stones, Annette Piper, James Parker, Michael Wommack, Patricia Simmons, Nicole Moore, Woody Smith, Christine Heisler, Susan Miller, Jennifer Thomas, Lisa Scheffer, Melanie Moore, Tara Dalga, Joanne Wendel, Heather Watson, Suzanne Krongold, Vinnie Sutherland, Sharon @1-2-3 It's Me, Xavier Pankovits, Gregg Gustafson, Paul Messink, Artwear Design, Jacqueline Gomez, Annie Omens, John Ziemann, Candy McFall, Scrap Felt, Helen Jarocki, Leslie Kaplan, Circle D Metal Art, April Schwaegerle, Sharon Fink, John Wilson, Creative Bead Connection, Joy Hafford, DeVer Originals, Karen Kress, Kathleen Clausen, Jill White, Kristen Walsh, Judith Weisblatt, our friends at the College Hill Art Festival, Michael & Carol Weber and Deborah Banyas & T.P. Speer, Leo Charette, Peggy Whitson, Jan Richardson, Ann Akland, Lisa Cutler, Denise Bizot, Rusty Leffel, Terry McCray, Mark Brodnan, Barry Bernstein, Wendy Shattil, Jan Anderson, John Pulbratek, Richard Freund, Wendy Edwards, Monika Green, Sarah Silva, Douglas Farrar, Donald Dixon, Lynda Wallis, Pamella Harris, Judy Zeddies, Ruth Finkenbiner, Zee Galliano, Marilyn Troutman, Donald Dixon, Marcia Grout, Donald Thompson, Michelle Babcock and old friends Gert & Sheila Olsen!

Patrons:  Beth Sergeant, Eugene Hughes, Debra Ehmann, Howard Rose, Deborah Gall, Caroline Niebres, Barbara McLaughlin, Wally Parshall, Jeanne Steck, Mary Johnston, Paolo DeMaria, Diane Rose Jewelry, Ariela Boronat, Jetze Beers, B. Felt, Judith Walton, James Nelson, Pat Falk, Julie Crouse, Mark Sarlson, Ed & Carole Schmidt

And the "Angels": Linda Billet, Linda Shields, Allison Bernknopf, Melanie Allen & Ross Graham

Everyone send us your mailing address so we can send you your "Red Dot" bumper sticker and award ribbons for the Patron and Angel sponsors.

Deepest apologies if anyone was left off this list -- I truly appreciate this support and look forward to year 3 of!

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Comment by Terry McCray on June 17, 2011 at 10:43am
Thanks to Lynda Keen re silver palm tree necklace.
WOW!  What a wonderful piece.  Love the sparkle and simplicity of this necklace.  The second loop for different lengths is a great idea.  Thank you so much Lynda.  I will recommend you to my friends.
Terry Mccray
Comment by Annette Piper on June 15, 2011 at 5:23pm
Comment by Jeanne Steck on June 14, 2011 at 6:09am
Congrats to all of the winners!

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