Coolah, NSW

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Jazz in the Tops Festival

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What are the best things about art fairs

Meeting potential clients and being able to show my wares and having them appreciated. Meeting and chatting with other exhibitors.

Best show ever and why

Merriwa Show - it had been by third year of exhibiting at this show. I had built a good clientele and there was an energy of people wanting to see my work and to own a piece of my jewellery. There had been rain (important in my rural area and predmoninately rural client) and people were looking forward to "a good year". I was busy from open to close for the whole show.

Worst show ever and why

Leadville Christmas Market - wrong demographic, wrong 'message' being sent out to attendees. I knew it, I just couldn't say no (but I've got better at that now!)

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

I saw it on a blog some time ago and have been subscribed to the newsletter for a while. Possibly Luan Udell?

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  • So happy to see you here, Annette! I miss your cheery postings on the site. Thank you for stopping by and happy new year ... hope your life is lovely.
  • Thanks so much for your pledge again, Annette. It is like seeing an old friend whenever your name appears. I appreciate so much your support and that of so many others who find our websites helpful.
  • Happy birthday to you, Annette! We love you at AFI and always read what you write. Hope you have a great year full of lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Congrats Annette on winning the Post of the Week Award - 2/19/2014. You make a difference here at AFI.
  • Had he been to the US before, Annette? have you?

  • Great to see you again, Annette -- miss you hanging out here. So many of the old gang has gone on to other things, but I still miss them and it is a pleasure to see you join in again. Boo!
  • Hi Annette,

    I'm visiting my daughter in Wollongong, (birth of our first grandchild), and although I thought I remember that your location isn't very near, thought I'd at least double check.  My husband and I are going to Mudgee this coming weekend for the Lapidary Clubs' Gem and Mineral Show.  Are we going to be anywhere near you?

    Kathy Clausen

  • Annette, thanks for all your support. It is appreciated!
  • Thanks Annette! I'm in the process of moving, so I haven't had the chance to put anything up but I will :)

  • Thank you, Annette, for referring Karen Rowe to Art Fair Insiders.
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