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I won!  I won! 

I'm one of the lucky winners from the pledge drive.  Even better, I got something that I REALLY wanted.

A couple months back I learned that ZAPP was holding an art festival conference in late August.  Since my husband and I are planning to start selling our prints at art fairs next year (our business, MAS Artwork already has a website:, I knew it would be a very helpful conference to attend, as I hoped there would be many vendors there and we could hopefully find lots of ideas for our business.  However, we're taking a two-week vacation at the beginning of August, so I began debating whether or not we would be able to afford to go.  The cost of the conference (plus hotel and travel there and back) and additional time off from work were deterrents.

Then one day I opened an email from Art Festival Insiders about the pledge drive.  I knew I wanted to donate, because AFI has already helped us with our business.  We've found some great answers in the Discussions board, and some of the blogs have been chock-full of information.  We've gotten great tips on what to do and what not to do from many of the experienced artists here.

When I looked at the prize list and saw how many great prizes were available, I was even more determined to pledge.  And when I found out that a pass to the ZAPP conference was on the list, I couldn't open my pocketbook fast enough.

A few weeks later, I got the email from Connie saying that I was one of the lucky winners, and when she later told me that I'd won the pass to the conference, I was over the moon!  There will still be the hurdle of taking extra time off from work to contend with, but with the serendipitous events (from finding out about the conference to seeing it on the list of prizes) it's as if the Universe is saying "Go to this conference!"  And, when the Universe talks . . . I definitely listen.  :o)

I'm very excited to be able to attend the upcoming ZAPP Art Festival Conference.  And I hope to see some of you there.  My husband and I are growing more and more excited to start this new venture, and we're thrilled to be members of AFI.

Thanks so much!

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Comment by Connie Mettler on June 16, 2014 at 8:50pm

These conferences are well planned with solid information and (most importantly) networking between artists and show directors. You'll end up overstimulated, at least that is what happens to me ;)

Glad you won this prize, Alyx, and can't wait to hear what you learn.

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