Artwalk - San Diego (April and Sept. shows)

I had originally put this info on a previous post but it got kicked off.I talked to the directors of the ArtWalk San Diego at the NAIA conference in Peoria last Sept. I was very interested in applying to the April show. The website shows a lot of pictures, but also raises several questions, to wit:Q. How secure are your panels, since the show supplies the tents and the artists everything else?A. You can strap your panels to the roof and also the legs, but bad weather rarely happens here [!]Q. How do you protect your artwork from the elements and overnight, since there are no side panels to the tents?A. We have security [300 booths] and you can hang your tarps over your work or suspend them from the tents.Q. If you get 1,000 applications for 300 spots, how do you determine booth placement, etc.?A. Returning artists get an extra point on their scores, thus ensuring that returning artists will have an advantage over new applicants; also, returning artists get preferential booth placement - new exhibitors are likely to get side streets [this info is not on the website].After this Q & A with the directors, who, by the way, seemed to be very nice and very concerned with putting on a class event, I decided to pass on the application.
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  • michael,  if you  look at app for artwalk they  limit the amount of art you can show.  i was applying for show this morning for sept and it says no more than 6 pieces are allowed in the tent where you a displaying. i fig unless someone is selling work over 500 a piece it is not worth it.   was thinking of doing mt. view in no. calif    what is you take on that show.   i can show my entire booth.   by the way am doing a show in prescott az for fine arts only will let you all know how show goes on monday.   shows in prescott have a lot of schlock so we shall see.
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