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The entrepreneurial life of an artist requires continuous learning and8869100890?profile=original experimenting and we need to stay on top of what else is going on out there in the arts and put our own careers in perspective.

My friend, Richard Rothbard, just sent me this link to Fine Art Magazine. Want to know what the BIG "real" art fairs are doing? Who is buying art and what kind of art is being celebrated?

This amazing website opens up like a magazine and you can page through it and read the articles about high society and who is buying what and see the work of up and coming artists, as well as establishment figures.

Really worth a look:

Plus, there is an article about Richard and Joanna Rothbard, their galleries and their shows and how they have developed markets for people who do the street art fairs.

Has anyone here attended these big glossy events or participated in them? Do you see them as a goal or inspiration to market/work/innovate/grow?

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  • Exit Through the Gift Shop" is a fascinating movie.  It asks the question, what is art, and is what he was selling art?  Mr. Brainwash wasn't even an artist, he was a videographer.  Also, I don't think people can legally chop off Banksy's street art and then sell it though!  It belongs to him, even if it's "public art". 

    Thanks for the magazine tip... I will check it out. I also like Art News.

  • Yes but Miami is the 12th weathiest city in the world.  Ann Arbor the 321,448th weathiest

  • So we think Ann Arbor is overcrowded with art fairs -- well honey, if you do it right, the stars turn out for 17 Art Fairs in Miami! Sales in the $1,000,000's also.

    Here's a quote I like: "When you think of Miami, you think of this merger of culture and commerce," he says. Looking around this festival of high-price, high-end art, it's hard to disagree.

    Culture and commerce you say? Imagine that?

    Here the latest article:

  • I'll be checking my mail for the invitation Ms. Rolfes

    I thought Breaking Bad might be a bit caustic for Connie

  • I have watched quite a few of the Breaking Bad episodes (to leave this topic altogether) and went from loving it to watching the ethical disintegration of the main character, also known as following one bad choice after another until ??? Such a moral quandary ...

  • @ Zavison, I would allow you into the wine/whiskey/vodka discussion ;)  

  • Connie I read the magazine and really enjoyed the Carson article.  They covered him brilliantly.

  • Rolfes can ride along and help with gas. 

    If she can tolerate an uneducated art friend like me.

  • Please give me directions to the "vapid hell hole of investment-crazed pretentious"

  • Mr. Brainwash = everything I hate about the art world

    Rolfes is right about the movie though, great energy!

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