Are any art fairs still being held?

Rather than trying to follow the ever-growing list of cancellations, I was wondering if any art fairs anywhere in the country are still actually being held.

According to Zapplication's calendar, there are still uncanceled art fairs scheduled for this weekend.  Is that for real?

Anybody gearing up to participate in an art fair this weekend?  Next weekend?

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  • Any ideas for how to implement social distancing at an artfair?

  • All of our art shows have been cancelled in SW Florida. I would imagine with how this pandemic is going that there won't be any shows this season in the US until late this year...maybe. Everyone stay safe!!!

  • In yesterday's daily press briefing by the SC Governor and staff, the state's epidemiologist singled out outdoor festivals as exactly the type of gatherings they want to prevent.  Other state's epidemiologists probably have the same view.  As the epidemic grows worse, I doubt that their views will weaken.

  • Yeah, I don't know about any current shows actually going on, but one I'm scheduled for at the end of June, the Boston Mills show in Peninsula, OH, is taking a wait and see stance.  If the show ends up getting cancelled, artist can either have their booth fees returned or have them serve as a pre-pay for the 2021 show with automatic acceptance.

  • I think everything up until June has been cancelled because of all the county and state regulations everywhere. Has to be in compliance with CDC and governmental laws. I'm hoping all this is over with by May...if not, I'm in a LOT of financial trouble...

  • I know that is not the kind of info that you were looking for, but thought this was a good place to post- as a good example.

  • I talked to Cathy Welner today here in Ohio concerning the Hudson Art Show this August. The booth fee is due April 1. Their plan is to send out an email telling us that the due date for the booth fee is held back until May 1.  I think that this is a good idea for the further out shows- don't take everyone's money and hold it. Let us keep it until we all know more.

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