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8869098685?profile=originalMONDAY, APRIL 6 - 1 PM ET

ArtFest Fort Myers under Executive Director Sharon McAllister's leadership, has initiated a plan to act as a clearinghouse to help artists interpret and access the financial services established under the new CARES Act. The law is meant to address the economic fallout of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Sharon is joined by professional accountant John Brodie of Comprehensive Accounting in metro Detroit.

John will be a meaningful participant for this podcast, not only because of his accounting background, but because he has been my accountant since 1980 and has advised us financially on our art fair business since then. He has seen the financial aspects of art fair artists lives first hand.

The CARES act includes SBA Economic Disaster loans and grants, a payroll protection plan and access to unemployment benefits to small businesses and individuals.  Some of its individual facets are SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans, a Payroll Protection Plan and unemployment benefits.

What you will learn:

  • how the act supports small businesses
  • how and where to apply for the various programs
  • who is eligible and what determines that eligibility

But mostly we invite your questions and will build the podcast around your concerns. Please put them in the comments below or email to me:

Click here to listen

call in with your questions during the podcast: 
(805) 243-1338

Find quick answers to your concerns on the ArtFest Fort Myers website.

NOTE: none of us are giving legal; tax; accounting; unemployment or similar advice. Contact your accountant and banker for your own situation. The final regulations have not yet been written and banks & unemployment offices are scrambling to get new benefits implemented. Patience will be needed.

A sobering fact: 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week.

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Are any art fairs still being held?

Rather than trying to follow the ever-growing list of cancellations, I was wondering if any art fairs anywhere in the country are still actually being held.

According to Zapplication's calendar, there are still uncanceled art fairs scheduled for this weekend.  Is that for real?

Anybody gearing up to participate in an art fair this weekend?  Next weekend?

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8869098685?profile=originalLIVE PODCAST - MONDAY, MARCH 30, 1 PM ET

Of course being an artist isn't a job, nor a vocation, its in your bones and defines who you are. Luckily we live in a country where there is room to change and the legal means of doing so. Start out as an engineer, a pot dealer, a social worker, a biologist and one day you're standing in a tent in a park in Alabama and people are not only handing you compliments on your work but money too. Many people in this business say "I don't know how to do anything else, no one would hire me."

8869199258?profile=originalMeet Jack Stoddart known these days as someone who is one of the "wrong people doing the right thing." Hippie Jack traveled (family in tow - wife Lynne and 4 kids) to art fairs for many years. Presently he is a music festival producer on his central Tennessee farm. The Stoddart kids are showing work at art fairs themselves these days. Just like everyone else their lives have been upended by Covid-19. No concerts, no art fairs. What happens next?

We talk about when things come crashing down and tell stories about what he believes are the important things, including serving the under-served people of Appalachia with fairness, dignity, and compassion. Ideas for the long run.

We hope you will call in with your stories: 805-243-1338

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But Will They Visit a Virtual Art Show?

8869201287?profile=originalShould you bother creating/updating/promoting your art online? 

Look what I just found:

  • The Louvre in Paris says its web traffic has gone from 40,000 visitors a day to 400,000 a day since the museum closed to visitors due to the Coronavirus. The website offers videos and virtual reality experiences here

Okay, that's the Louvre ... but what about all the shows that are offering virtual art shows? Artists are also. Will they come? Will they buy?

Crossing our fingers here. 

This is some promo we've done to encourage virtual shopping for art:

What do you think? What are you doing?


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8869201089?profile=originalMONDAY - MARCH 23 - 1 PM ET

How are you feeling? I am totally enervated and concerned about the future of art festivals, not only in the short term but in the long run. I'm hearing from artists and reading comments on about "what next?" and I have to take some action. This exhaustion leads down a dire path. My answer: let's talk.

On this podcast art show directors will come together to discuss cancellations, refunds, rescheduling and the disruption to our business and what they are doing to keep their events and artists income alive for another day.

The first responders to our call for a panel, and who will be joining us:

Karen Delhey, Executive Director, The Guild of Artists & Artisans (Ann Arbor); Anne Curran, Executive Director, Armonk Outdoor Art Show (Armonk, NY); Jean Hungiville, President/CEO, Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce (FL); Amy Amdur, CEO and President Amdur Productions (Chicago area) and Mark Loeb of Integrity Shows (metro Detroit). 

8869201692?profile=originalThe jumping off point from my inbox:

"I live in Massachusetts and do shows throughout the northeast, from Vermont to South Jersey, NY and the coast line of NJ, Ct, RI, NY etc. shows are start to cancel. Some are right on target with refunding the booth fees, some wasn't to reschedule (& we all know that's the kiss of death to shows) and some, are unscrupulously not refunding any money. I would love to hear from those promoters who are choosing to refund, reschedule, & run as to their thoughts."

We would love to have other show directors call in with their comments on the topic. Here's the #: (805) 243-1338.

(As always this will be recorded live and will also be downloadable forever from


Click here to listen:

Please put your questions in the comments below. There is SO much to discuss and we'll try to hit the most important issues. Let's help each other to a brighter day. 

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In the interest of keeping our imaginations going in these dark and dreary times I'm copying an email I received because of the cool ideas therein ... seems we don't have to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

The city has deployed over 25 handwashing stations around the city, primarily giving homeless citizens a way to clean up and take steps to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

It’s all about supporting local businesses, with a dedicated webpage encouraging denizens who are foodies, families, fitness fans, and fundraisers to remain active in the community. Think of it as the F-words that you can say without ruffling any feathers. The site details the offers, but essentially there are four key takeaways.

- The city encourages taking out food, tipping, and buying gift cards from local vendors.
- It shares entertainment options for families sheltering inside, including live stream events like bingo and science experiments.
- It urges fitness fans to attend virtual yoga and dance classes.

- It implores citizens to fundraise and give back, donating blood, food products, and money to charities citywide.

Take a look at the events listed on Charlotte’s site and let’s chat about how to tell this story now as Charlotte and the rest of the country is rapidly adapting to the coronavirus crisis.

ConnectChatt: The Chattanooga Tourism Co. has launched Connect Chatt to bring people together digitally in Chattanooga and across the world who are practicing social distancing. The team will be sharing the community’s virtual experiences through social media using the hashtag #ConnectChatt and online at The social posts will include a way in which everyone can support Chattanoogans through virtual tipping, buying season passes, ordering takeout, etc. The ConnectChatt virtual experience series kicked off on St. Patrick’s Day with a live performance from Stringer’s Ridge Band, which played Irish tunes from home via Facebook Live. Their virtual tip jar generated about as much as a normal gig, and they played to more than 10,000 people. Yesterday, the Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls gave live tours.

Service Industry donations: A local Chattanoogan created a website to bring a little extra support to the city’s service industry professionals, whose livelihoods are being affected by restaurant closures. The site encourages community members to consider tipping a local service industry worker through Venmo or Cash App. When the site is refreshed it shows a new person to support.

The Mustang Express: Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy takes student meals on the road amid coronavirus concerns - Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, the all-girls public charter school in Hamilton County, has taken student meals on the road. The school, which serves students in grades 6 through 12 from predominantly low-income neighborhoods in Chattanooga, launched the "Mustang Express" Thursday morning as schools across the state find ways to support students and families while they are closed due to COVID-19 concerns. Link to article here.

The Adult Version of An Ice Cream Truck: Madtree Brewing Co. is bringing food to the streets of the Queen City to help keep spirits high in the city and assist in feeding all of those who must stay quarantined. Their draft truck will be providing curbside pizza and beer from 11am – 7pm. For an update on times & locations, please click here:

Staying Calm with Mindful Music Moments: ArtsWave is launching Mindful Music Moments, a partnership created by the Well in partnership with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Opera. Members of the public can sign up for a free 10-week subscription to Mindful Music Moments, brief daily combinations of meditation and music. Mindful Music Moments is one of more than 100 projects and organizations funded through ArtsWave each year

Karrikin Begins Sanitizer Production: Karrikin Spirits Company’s master distillers are getting to work to produce sanitizer based on ingredients and recommendations from the World Health Organization. Produced slightly above the recommended alcohol percentage, it’s giving you another weapon against fighting viruses and bacteria. Secondly, if you stop by for a bottle of hand sanitizer, you’re directly supporting the workers, with 100% of proceeds from the sales of hand sanitizer is being used to support this staff that is so vital to our success as a business. Look for an announcement soon on our Facebook and Instagram pages for how and where you can purchase a $3 bottle of Cincinnati.

The LEE Initiative will expand its reach to Cincinnati in partnership with Mita's Restaurant:Starting on March 19th, Mita's Restaurant will transform into a relief center for any restaurant worker who has been laid off or has had a significant reduction in hours and/or pay. With the help of Makers Mark, the restaurant is offering help for those in dire need of food and supplies. Each night, it will pack hundreds of to-go dinners that will be offered to recently unemployed restaurant workers. Dinners are offered on a first come first serve basis. Mita’s is also stocking supplies for those in need: diapers, baby food, non-perishable canned foods and cereals, toilet paper when available, paper towels, notebooks and pencils, aspirin and more. For more information, please click here:

The city is looking to protect its homeless community, which is vulnerable to the disease and its effects. Handwashing stations and shelters are just a few of the initiatives that the city is funding in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Local restaurants are also transforming into corner stores to help feed the population while table service has ceased. Breweries are baking goods and restaurants are rebranding as markets to help locals who would otherwise be waiting in long lines at the supermarkets.

Scott and Becky Harris at Catoctin Creek Distillery in Loudoun County, Virginia, are working with local authorities to create FDA-approved hand sanitizer. It’s a process that helps local communities, but also keeps their distillery afloat as restaurant orders for their whiskey begin to plummet.

Forget bourbon, Louisville is focusing on hand sanitizer. Rabbit Hole Distillery is one of many spirits manufacturers nationwide who are pivoting from drinks to hand gels, helping to combat the spread of coronavirus while also keeping their employees busy

The United Way launched a fund for families and small businesses hurting from coronavirus, providing them with products and assistance for emergency relief.

While most tourism facilities are closed, it’s a prime moment for professional development for tourism workers. During the coronavirus pandemic, hospitality students and faculty adapt, learn 'to always be prepared'. Find the latest FIU information about the coronavirus on the university's resource page

Two Oakland Hotels will open their doors to house homeless people. While many individuals are sheltering in place, those without shelter are doing the best they can. To help reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading through the homeless population, the city is working with two hotels to offers stays of up to three months, a fantastic way to use tourism facilities that aren’t otherwise being used.

The city of Seattle giving out grocery vouchers to families, up to $800 per family. The distributions will total some 5 million dollars and will help families where parents have lost jobs because of coronavirus closures.

For those stuck inside, the St. Louis Zoo has launched stlzootube to let viewers tune in from home and see what’s happening inside the city’s zoo. It’s a great alternative to Netflix! Furthermore, although the Zoo may be closed to the public, its team wants to #BringTheStlZooToYou! Their first priority is the care and well-being of our animals, but when they can, they will be happy to add something fun & positive to your newsfeed! They also did a penguin tour on social media! It’s not just the zoo: St. Louis Aquarium hosted a morning breakfast event with their baby sloth Coconut, so look for more in the future.



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Some Resources for Artists in Need

Some of the discussions on various social media pages have revolved around resources for artists. Here are some that you may or may not have come across and may or may not be of use to you.

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Pandemics, Art Fairs and the Coronavirus

8869200467?profile=originalDo we have an app for that? Nope, but Mark Loeb has some common sense ideas on how to handle the disruptions that may be in your future, whether artist or show organizer. Mark is trying to get ahead of the problem and has instituted a comprehensive approach for his 2020 events. Granted, most events have a cancellation policy already in place, but this new challenge calls for reinventing the policy.

CANCELLATION POLICY for Integrity Events

We are pushing back payment deadlines to six weeks prior to each show.

What happens if you cancel after paying your booth rent? 

Six weeks before move in- We will issue a full cash refund.

Three to six weeks before move in- You may elect a 50% refund or a free booth at next years show.

Within 3 weeks of move in- No refunds (we will have paid all of our bills and likely won't be able to replace you). If you have a health issue we will consider that and try to help.

• What happens if we cancel, or are forced for health and safety reasons to cancel?

Six weeks before move in- We will issue a full cash refund.

Three to six weeks before move in- we will return two thirds of your booth rent and apply the balance to next year at that same event.

Within 3 weeks of move in- No cash refunds (we will have paid all of our bills). We will apply this year's rent to the next three years- 1/3 each. That way you will get your refund and we will still have enough to run the shows properly each year.



In a move designed to give artists more security and peace of mind, Integrity Shows, which organizes the Belle Isle Art Fair and Funky Ferndale Art Fair, just announced a new policy in case the coronavirus hits metro Detroit and requires cancellations of events

The new policy provides artists with clear, time-based  reimbursement or credits on booth rents for Integrity art fairs, and extended deadlines to pay for shows.   “We want artists to feel supported and protected, in these uncertain times,” said Mark Loeb, president of Detroit-based Integrity Shows.  “And we want to be the most artist-centric shows, and proactive, thoughtful and transparent in how we run our art fairs.” 

The new policy applies specifically to Covid-19 and applies to the 2020 season only. Full details of the announced policy are shown below.

“Despite some close calls, we have been fortunate in 23 years of art fairs never to have canceled an event,” Loeb said.  

Integrity Shows organizes fine juried art fairs in and near Detroit and creative community cultural events including the Kensington Art Fair on Memorial Day Weekend, Palmer Park Art Fair June 6 and 7; Belle Isle Art Fair Aug. 1 and 2 and the Funky Ferndale Art Fair in September.   All the art fairs are run in partnership with local nonprofits, parks organizations and community groups. 

More information is at

Contact Mark directly:

What is happening around the world: 

An Update on How COVID-19 Is Impacting the Art World

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Maternity, the installment of a two-half paintings exhibition in regards to the backroom of mothering, makes a specialty of the childbearing physique. It ends in February at the Richard Saltoun Campus in London.

Orchids, the twenty-fifth-anniversary acclaim pageant at London’s Kew Gardens, opens in February. It highlights the natural world and subculture of some of Indonesia’s , islands, and contains a whimsical volcano made of flora. Arithmetic for animal blooming Yale tuition press by Francis Su weaves parables, puzzles and personal reflections to exhibit how mathematics meets primary animal desires and builds virtues that support us all flourish.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
― Thomas Merton, Maleultracore Results

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