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Another Locked-in Day? Unadulterated Plagiarism

In the interest of keeping our imaginations going in these dark and dreary times I'm copying an email I received because of the cool ideas therein ... seems we don't have to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

The city has deployed over 25 handwashing stations around the city, primarily giving homeless citizens a way to clean up and take steps to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

It’s all about supporting local businesses, with a dedicated webpage encouraging denizens who are foodies, families, fitness fans, and fundraisers to remain active in the community. Think of it as the F-words that you can say without ruffling any feathers. The site details the offers, but essentially there are four key takeaways.

- The city encourages taking out food, tipping, and buying gift cards from local vendors.
- It shares entertainment options for families sheltering inside, including live stream events like bingo and science experiments.
- It urges fitness fans to attend virtual yoga and dance classes.

- It implores citizens to fundraise and give back, donating blood, food products, and money to charities citywide.

Take a look at the events listed on Charlotte’s site and let’s chat about how to tell this story now as Charlotte and the rest of the country is rapidly adapting to the coronavirus crisis.

ConnectChatt: The Chattanooga Tourism Co. has launched Connect Chatt to bring people together digitally in Chattanooga and across the world who are practicing social distancing. The team will be sharing the community’s virtual experiences through social media using the hashtag #ConnectChatt and online at The social posts will include a way in which everyone can support Chattanoogans through virtual tipping, buying season passes, ordering takeout, etc. The ConnectChatt virtual experience series kicked off on St. Patrick’s Day with a live performance from Stringer’s Ridge Band, which played Irish tunes from home via Facebook Live. Their virtual tip jar generated about as much as a normal gig, and they played to more than 10,000 people. Yesterday, the Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls gave live tours.

Service Industry donations: A local Chattanoogan created a website to bring a little extra support to the city’s service industry professionals, whose livelihoods are being affected by restaurant closures. The site encourages community members to consider tipping a local service industry worker through Venmo or Cash App. When the site is refreshed it shows a new person to support.

The Mustang Express: Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy takes student meals on the road amid coronavirus concerns - Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, the all-girls public charter school in Hamilton County, has taken student meals on the road. The school, which serves students in grades 6 through 12 from predominantly low-income neighborhoods in Chattanooga, launched the "Mustang Express" Thursday morning as schools across the state find ways to support students and families while they are closed due to COVID-19 concerns. Link to article here.

The Adult Version of An Ice Cream Truck: Madtree Brewing Co. is bringing food to the streets of the Queen City to help keep spirits high in the city and assist in feeding all of those who must stay quarantined. Their draft truck will be providing curbside pizza and beer from 11am – 7pm. For an update on times & locations, please click here:

Staying Calm with Mindful Music Moments: ArtsWave is launching Mindful Music Moments, a partnership created by the Well in partnership with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Opera. Members of the public can sign up for a free 10-week subscription to Mindful Music Moments, brief daily combinations of meditation and music. Mindful Music Moments is one of more than 100 projects and organizations funded through ArtsWave each year

Karrikin Begins Sanitizer Production: Karrikin Spirits Company’s master distillers are getting to work to produce sanitizer based on ingredients and recommendations from the World Health Organization. Produced slightly above the recommended alcohol percentage, it’s giving you another weapon against fighting viruses and bacteria. Secondly, if you stop by for a bottle of hand sanitizer, you’re directly supporting the workers, with 100% of proceeds from the sales of hand sanitizer is being used to support this staff that is so vital to our success as a business. Look for an announcement soon on our Facebook and Instagram pages for how and where you can purchase a $3 bottle of Cincinnati.

The LEE Initiative will expand its reach to Cincinnati in partnership with Mita's Restaurant:Starting on March 19th, Mita's Restaurant will transform into a relief center for any restaurant worker who has been laid off or has had a significant reduction in hours and/or pay. With the help of Makers Mark, the restaurant is offering help for those in dire need of food and supplies. Each night, it will pack hundreds of to-go dinners that will be offered to recently unemployed restaurant workers. Dinners are offered on a first come first serve basis. Mita’s is also stocking supplies for those in need: diapers, baby food, non-perishable canned foods and cereals, toilet paper when available, paper towels, notebooks and pencils, aspirin and more. For more information, please click here:

The city is looking to protect its homeless community, which is vulnerable to the disease and its effects. Handwashing stations and shelters are just a few of the initiatives that the city is funding in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Local restaurants are also transforming into corner stores to help feed the population while table service has ceased. Breweries are baking goods and restaurants are rebranding as markets to help locals who would otherwise be waiting in long lines at the supermarkets.

Scott and Becky Harris at Catoctin Creek Distillery in Loudoun County, Virginia, are working with local authorities to create FDA-approved hand sanitizer. It’s a process that helps local communities, but also keeps their distillery afloat as restaurant orders for their whiskey begin to plummet.

Forget bourbon, Louisville is focusing on hand sanitizer. Rabbit Hole Distillery is one of many spirits manufacturers nationwide who are pivoting from drinks to hand gels, helping to combat the spread of coronavirus while also keeping their employees busy

The United Way launched a fund for families and small businesses hurting from coronavirus, providing them with products and assistance for emergency relief.

While most tourism facilities are closed, it’s a prime moment for professional development for tourism workers. During the coronavirus pandemic, hospitality students and faculty adapt, learn 'to always be prepared'. Find the latest FIU information about the coronavirus on the university's resource page

Two Oakland Hotels will open their doors to house homeless people. While many individuals are sheltering in place, those without shelter are doing the best they can. To help reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading through the homeless population, the city is working with two hotels to offers stays of up to three months, a fantastic way to use tourism facilities that aren’t otherwise being used.

The city of Seattle giving out grocery vouchers to families, up to $800 per family. The distributions will total some 5 million dollars and will help families where parents have lost jobs because of coronavirus closures.

For those stuck inside, the St. Louis Zoo has launched stlzootube to let viewers tune in from home and see what’s happening inside the city’s zoo. It’s a great alternative to Netflix! Furthermore, although the Zoo may be closed to the public, its team wants to #BringTheStlZooToYou! Their first priority is the care and well-being of our animals, but when they can, they will be happy to add something fun & positive to your newsfeed! They also did a penguin tour on social media! It’s not just the zoo: St. Louis Aquarium hosted a morning breakfast event with their baby sloth Coconut, so look for more in the future.



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Comment by Kaytee Sumida on March 24, 2020 at 5:57pm

3/16 was the last "dine-in" day-- we were out for #2 son's birthday, and the news came on the TV there. First time I ever saw staff stop to watch-- the announcement came on that only take out/delivery would be allowed after midnight. The Monday night "crowd" was about what I'd expect (plenty of "room" available). No panic, but the staff (including the owner and the cook who was called out to watch) looked pretty worried.

Comment by Connie Mettler on March 24, 2020 at 5:49pm

Hi Kaytee. I was in San Diego last week, Carlsbad mostly, flying in on a full plane on 3/10 and hurriedly out again on 3/16 ... pretty much all seemed normal. Maybe fewer people in the restaurants but I expected much more impact. Nearly empty plane coming home ... no panic. 

Comment by Kaytee Sumida on March 24, 2020 at 4:54pm

SAN DIEGO, CA: Parks and beaches closed, museums and zoos closed, schools closed, restaurants closed to dine-in, most art/crafts supplies stores closed (on-line ordering only)-- Michaels is still open because they have declared themselves an "essential" business" because they have "keep kids entertained" supplies (so did JoAnns and Hobby Lobby, but they're closed). Mayor is opening up the Convention Center to house (?) homeless/provide medical support (picture showed lots of cots set up-- spaced 6' apart apparently). Over 250 more "handwashing stations" have been set up for homeless, as well.

No word re: planned events this summer and beyond (including Comic Con), so all the tourist industry businesses (hotels, etc) are decidedly worried. Some summer/fall events have been cancelled by their organizers-- the Quilt Show had cancelled before all this started, but a couple of big medical conventions are ramping up for on-line meetings, so those will probably be cancelled at the CC. 

One gallery set to re-open (after having lost a previous space/lease) is in a holding pattern-- it has 'studio' space that local artists depend on to "make art". Since things aren't on 'the walls' getting any income isn't possibly.

Comment by Jacki Bilsborrow on March 23, 2020 at 10:25pm

I have another idea.  If you have some free time review an art show.  Go to  Review a show or two.  If everybody could review just one show, that will help to mark our site much more valuable.  We are not asking anybody to leave bad reviews.  You can review a show you love.  Please take a few minutes to write a review.

Comment by Connie Mettler on March 23, 2020 at 9:47pm

Right, Jacki. I’ve been noticing at fares promoting the artist calories on their sites and share that information with the people who attend their shows to get people to come online to buy. There are other people to also who are gathering up bunches of artist website to make a showcase and promote a virtual art fair. It sure would help if artist had good websites. Lots of information on this site, and also in our podcast section.

Comment by Jacki Bilsborrow on March 23, 2020 at 9:45pm

Here is a good project that may help your art business.  This is a good time for artists to create and build a website for their work if they don't already have one.  Websites can be good for sales.  Connie has started many threads on this topic.  In the search bar put in 'Build a website."  There will be several  posts for you to check out.

Comment by Jacki Bilsborrow on March 23, 2020 at 9:17pm

Trying to find a good indoor project that you normally never have time to.  I have a good idea.  Label your family photos.  If your kids don't know who the people are they will throw the photos away once your are gone.  I write on the back of the photo and as small as I can.  I write around the outside as close to the edge.  Write the approximate year, who is in the photo and where the photo was taken.  This is a great project if you have run out of things to do.

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