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Yes, it is Sunday morning on a long holiday weekend. There were very few art fairs this weekend. Those of you who are online should be ready for this challenge from an old friend of mine who is looking for your most outrageous art fair/craft show story and who wants me to:

1. "spice this _ _ _ _ _ _ up a bit

2. stimulate the prurient to expose to the voyeurs the full story (in other words, what really goes on behind the booths)

3. forbid anyone who paints beach scenes or clowns from becoming members (guess he wants me to jury for membership on this site)

4. offer tickets to my festival and the opportunity to burn one with an old freak (or maybe some equally outrageous prize, I'm working on this, Jack)

5. dump the goofy that seem to want serious cone parking (wasn't that you who stole the cones at the last event?)"

Lots of very fun people create art and have a great time meeting and playing with one another at events across the country. I have many stories of traveling with my rather outrageous partner, and the people he attracted and enjoyed.

Who wants to go first?

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Comment by Julie Corcoran on December 1, 2008 at 6:38am
not sure about Austin, this was Cleveland
Comment by Connie Mettler on November 30, 2008 at 5:14pm
Very bad person there. But it reminds me of a problem that occurred at the Austin Art Festival (now named Art City Austin, I believe) a year or so ago. Security was called during the night because someone was caught breaking into the secured art area and a board member of the event was caught stealing art!

Now I know a bunch of folks from Austin are on this forum. Is this story true?
Comment by Julie Corcoran on November 30, 2008 at 4:45pm
I have 3 doozies from the same show , just when you thought you had heard it all. . . 2 bad ones (they seem funny now that I can look back) and one good story. . . The bad first - I did a show last winter where an item of mine was on display at a main gallery for customers to see a bit of all the artists at one time (actually a good show idea) - I was late in picking it up at the end of the day (but some artists were still breaking down) and found out that the Show Promoter had given it away to his friend (he fessed up later in an email after telling me it was "packed away") ! ! ! When checking all my stock at my very next show I realized that a box was taken from that very same show (I often do shows alone and had to get my car into the building), not stock, luckily, but all my show walls and table covers ! ! - as it was the night before a show I had to improvise and used all my living room curtains ! ! ! The Good story - this was the city I went to art school in and interned at the Art Museum across the street ( I was the hat/coat check girl during their grand galas) and met the director of the Textile Alliance at the vey same Art Museum and was invited to showcase my work at their next grand gala - life is truly stranger than fiction . . .

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