Winter Park 2015

Just a few more days and counting until I leave for sunny Florida from Tennessee. I was juried into this year's Winter Park show and I see reviews that are all over the place for the event. Should I be concerned about Nels' review from last year? Hopefully I wont! I looking forward to posting a positive review myself.  That's why we do festivals, right?

I'm certainly looking forward to my first ever time in the Orlando area for a festival. Any suggestions on nice dinner spots in the area? Any others have tips for the show would be appreciated! 

Thanks in advance! 



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  • So pleased for you, Matt. I wouldn't take Nels' last year's post too much to heart. You can say "Winter Park" is just another art fair -- and it is. The quality is excellent, some folks really do well, and for others it is just a decent show. I believe Nels did fine, but he was really swinging for that home run. The last time we did the show it was disappointing, but that had been preceded by many times where it was great. 

    See if you can find the folks that are going bowling -- a bunch of artists do an annual bowling outing at this show. Matthew Hatala has organized it for many years. I believe Andy Shea is one of the gang -- 

    Get there early for setup, make friends, sit in one of the coffee places outside on Park Avenue and soak up the beautiful cars passing by and plan for a great time. I'm looking forward to your review.

    The volunteers who run this show are wonderful people. If you meet Alice Moulton or Carolyn Bird tell them hello.

  • Good luck, Matt!

  • Matt, Winter Park is a great, big show. Don't get frustrated by the crush, and don't be in a rush. Tremendous dining in Winter Park. If you are a BBQ fan, you MUST try 4 Rivers. Unbelievable food, don't over-order. Portions and sides are generous!
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