Why You Fail to Sell at Art Shows


Get ready to change everything you currently believe about selling your art!

Guest blogger Mckenna Hallett has written an article about face-to-face art sales that has been viewed over 3,300 times since it was published a few days ago. It's getting traction because it reveals "the elephant in the room" and gets to the heart of artists' fears and unfounded beliefs about how to sell and why people should buy what you make.

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  • Thank you - but I must not take credit for this article. It was published on my blog but was written by Mckenna Hallett, who is a real pro at art sales.

  • Hi Carolyn, we can all improve. I plan to take very seriously everything else in your post. Truly great pointers. I had to laugh! I saw myself in everything you said about artists and selling. I thought, "Oh my God! I think she's writing about me!" I also realized I left out a word in my post. It was supposed to be "custom email lists". And no, I don't have those either. Bad, bad marketing! And I've been a successful fashion photographer for over 40 years!

  • That's funny, Nemo! Glad you have a good sense of humor and take it in stride.

  • Great article. Of course I fail before she even gets to the meat of it all: no social media (hate social media sites), no custom and no part of my website lists the few shows I plan to do. Other than that, I'm right on track! Seriously, though, great pointers.

  • Awesome article. Definitely worth the short amount of time it takes to read it. While you're there, be sure and click on the link and read "What is affordable art?," which is also a good read.

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