2010-calendar.jpgI sit at this computer long hours, but to keep me company, most days I stream National Public Radio (NPR) through iTunes. Even when I'm writing and thinking about other things and it is turned down really low I still pick up lots of information. Such as -- TODAY -- at 4 pm tune in to your NPR station and hear an interview with the premier Florida Everglades photographer, Clyde Butcher, as he wades into the swamps in search of new imagery. UPDATE from Clyde and Niki: I wanted to let you know that a profile of Clyde will run tonight on NPR's All Things Considered show. It's scheduled to run at 4:50pm eastern time. It will be rebroadcast at 6:50 and 8:50 pm eastern time for the Midwest and West Coast. You may know Clyde and his work but had no idea that he was once "one of us." Clyde and his wife Niki were struggling art fair photographers for many years before Clyde finally found his niche and settled into the Everglades, both literally and figuratively. Clyde and Niki were actually able to buy land deep in the Big Cypress Swamp about twenty years ago where they established an outpost for photography and build a gallery. His large format black and white images have been printed in books and calendars and are widely collected. He has won many awards and I think he is a "Florida State Treasure." For those of us who know him, that is no surprise. Niki also shoots black and white and does handcoloring. One winter when Norm and I didn't pick up any very good Florida shows we ended up staying with them in Fort Myers between art fairs. Great hosts and great folks. Listen today...
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