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From a recent email:

Hi ConnieArt Fair,
I came across your site accidentally, and found Sonny Dalton's name there.

We used to live in the DC area, and met Sonny at the Sugarloaf festival back in 2000. We found his work fascinating, and picked up a small locomotive (couldn't afford much at the time!) When we moved back to India a couple of years later, I called Sonny and ordered one of his pieces - the Harley Hog - because, as I told him, his work said "America" to me more than anything I wanted to take back with me. He mailed it to me without requiring or receiving an advance payment!

I was saddened to read on your site that he was hospitalized last year. (I'm almost afraid to ask... but could you let me know how he's doing? I'd just like to know. Both those pieces are on prominent display in my living room, and I'd just like to know... Art Fair

Suman Bolar
The FTB Blog

Today I received this further communication from her:

I am pleased and relieved to know that he is okay. Some people, they just make an impression that stays with you, even if they have only crossed paths with you briefly :)

I'd also like to share a little story of my own:

My dad was an automotive engineer, and our house was always full of metal bits and pieces that drove my mom crazy. He was very possessive of his big blue metal toolbox. It weighed (weighs) a ton! When he died five years ago (he was 64) my mom sold the house and moved to an apartment. The toolbox went underground. My 15 yr old found it recently while he was helping his grandmother with spring cleaning (yes, I know it's not spring, but this is India!). It was full of junk. Nothing of any use to 15 yr old. Spark plugs, auto parts, crank shafts, pistons, inlet valves, circular saw blades... you name it. My 11 year old asked if he could "mess around" with "grandpa's stuff", and I said, sure. A couple days later, he very shyly came and showed me a spaceship he had made, and said he was inspired by "the junk train" we own (Sonny's locomotive). He'd put together bits and pieces using soldering wire to hold them together. I intend to encourage him to pursue his interest for as long as he likes.

Like I said, some people make an impression...

We get many compliments for the two pieces we own, but to my mind, this is by far the nicest thing that has come of them - inspiring a kid to explore his own creativity.

and another one:

Subject: Sonny Dalton

"Thanks Connie-I tracked him down and actually spoke to him and Roxie both last nite, and then he called me today to tell me a joke. he is such a sweet heart. I was thrilled to hear he still has some of his musicians- i need to add a third to my collection- i need a key board player."

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