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  • I have original paintings on canvas and all my paper prints go in bins on a table.  When I first started I had mostly drawings that were matted and framed. So everything took up a lot of space. With all the protective padding I could only fit 4 or 5 pieces to a bin. As my painting inventory grew I phased out the framed work. Canvas is so much easier to pack.

  • You no longer bring framed under glass... how do you present your work, now?

  • That is what we used too. It was larger than the ones that are out there now. We used it to hold stacked interlocking storage bins.  Our bag didn't have suction cups, just straps that tied to the roof rack.  It worked great ... we don't use ours anymore as I quit bringing framed prints under glass and now everything fits inside the van.

  • I don't remember the brand, however a product that may be helpful for you I used to own. It was a fold-up collapsible car top carrier. It was basically a very heavy duty weatherproof bag with four very strong suction cups and straps. The entire thing folded up into a cardboard box that was about 5 in bye 12in by 12in. Very convenient as it stored using very little room yet when in use never fell off the roof kept everything dry and had plenty of volume.

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