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The Great Fair in Fountain Hills, AZ

What a joke,  I think they should name the show something else, not the Great Fair  I did this show in the early 90's and then it was a Great Fair.  The work was real good and no buy/sell.  I knew artists that did wonderful sculptural pieces, paintings, and fine jewelry work, but where have they gone. The artists I knew 20 years ago are no longer doing this show.  And this show has evolved into mostly buy/sell.  It is a shame.   And then the landscape is changing do to progress.   Used to park my van behind my booth, not any longer.  The land has a hotel, assisted living facility, and coming soon retail/apartments.  So unable to  park behind the booth. it is called progress.  The bathrooms were plentiful, and clean,  Security was excellent.  I remember when the streets were so crowded with buyers one could hardly walk.  Now seems rather empty,  People just out for a stroll not looking sideways at the art but straight ahead at their cellphones (leave the phone at home)  And no I do not have a smart phone.  Setup was horrific, as was teardown,  it was a free for all.  I figure after 30 years they would have figured something out.   Did talk to quite a few artists who are NOT coming back.  I would like to know why they had a direct tv booth, kitchen knife booth, windows for your home, where is the art in that,  One can tell by this review that I WILL NOT BE BACK.  The best part of this fair were the people I met and stayed with.  

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Comment by steve appel on March 10, 2017 at 4:07pm

Just to add to my blog,   Looks like Fountain Hills Great Fair (more of a horrible swapmeet) is going up in price.  Sent a survey out today asking what we the artists thought about them increasing the fee from 450 to 550.  are you kidding me  i think they should go from 450 to paying us to show

Comment by steve appel on March 6, 2017 at 4:28pm

i did about what you did and it is not worth a drive even if living in phoenix.  i loved the phrase cotton tops    just heard from a friend who did a show this weekend that had more buy/sell and crap in it than fountain hills and it was in the phx area.  What is going on. at least this blog is creating responses   thanks

Comment by S Brian Berkun on March 6, 2017 at 3:13pm

Was gonna add a review of this show myself but I guess I can't add much more to the discussion. This was the second time doing the show for me, last year I thought I'd return thinking "it had potential" well, potential is nothing if it isn't realized! Too far to drive for me with very little return. In fact, made half as much this year as last year and last year wasn't all that great! Even though there was enthusiastic interest on Friday it never turned into sales on Sat or Sun. Lesson learned; when a show is delivering half as much the following year it is time to drop it.

The more "art savvy" crowd was there on Friday, along with the "cotton tops" LOL, the rest of the weekend was the walking dead. We (other artists around me) kept wondering where they were going as they streamed on by, clearly it wasn't for the art. As it was rather chilly as well the lemonade stand wasn't booming either!

Comment by Joey Welsh on March 6, 2017 at 12:20am
I'm local and mostly avoid this show due to reasons stated above. It has become a buy/sell farm with far too many booths. In addition, the city of FH is stagnant in terms on youthful growth. The show is packed full of cotton tops killing time before their afternoon nap. Don't travel for this one friends.

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