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The artists of the Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts

I've often wondered why a list of artists for an art show can be tough to find until you actually get to the festival. They have worked hard, and we want to thank you for participating! AT the NAA, we're always striving to improve things, even if it's in small ways at first. If you think continuing to have this list available and publicized is a good thing, let us know!

The artists of this show (many who are participants on AFI) are listed below, and we can't wait to see what they've got on display this weekend! To attract buyers, we've been promoting it in the local paper and other print/radio media (maximizing ad dollars through sponsorships), on facebook, through email marketing, and other word-of-mouth generating methods. Below the list is our ad. Feel free to share the image with your Naples customers to let them know you'll be on Fifth Ave South for the street's last festival of the season.

A PDF of the ad in Showcase is linked here: NDN-Showcase-DNFA-2012.pdf

Artists can be found in media order: 

  • Ceramics
  • Digital Art
  • Fiber/Leather
  • Furniture, Glass
  • Graphic/Printmaking
  • Jewelry
  • Metal
  • Mixed Media 2D
  • Mixed Media 3D
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Wood



216 Aurelio, Martha

230 Beam, Brian

221 Blum, Doug B.

42 Clegg, Larry R.

108 Collison, Richard

141 Dzedzy, Stan

6 Green, Bruce A.

148 Grimsley, Joseph

231 Hedgeman, Tonya C.

156 Lee, C. C.

97 Mann, Toni

160 Markiewicz, Gail M.

201 Moore, Cindy

86 Moore, John E. www.the

55 Nappo, Gabrielle

98 Painter, Susan W.

13 Rankin, Ralph

77 Shields, Ken C.

68 Thoreson,

120 Vaughn, Todd

19 Woods, Glenn



7 Alboher, Lea

41 Billman, Greg

159 Cornell, Robert

185 Leben, John

56 Montecalvo, Paul F.

76 Parker, Timothy



14 Brogden, Megan

33 Cole, Candiss

67 Donofrio, Caryn R.

51 Gil, Jorge

205 Kroetsch, Leeann

146 Laine, Philippe C.

171 Mansard, Iris S.

220 Melillo, Jeanne M.

187 Pace, Marie C.

83 Park, Herion

176 Perry, Diane

54 Rubright, Barbara L.

200 Rudoy, Shekina

126 Sorrells, Ken

5 Weiss, Jeffrey D.

82 Zarcone, Robert J.



123 Causey, Teri



138 Aronzon, Lisa M.

213 Carlin, Kevin P.

105 Debon, Dennis

90 Eickholt, Robert G.

222 Espinosa, Josephina

112 Fishbein, Harvey &

    Leviton, Harvey

35 Goldhagen, David

175 Haddad, Jamille

124 Miller, Lindi L.

80 Miller, Tim S.

48 North Gerlach, Celeste B.

204 Schmidt, Susan

157 Slade, Bill

119 Thomas, H. A.

150 Zidek, John



163 Packard, Lawrence D.

173 Reynolds, Patrick J.

78 Strailey, Nancy



3 Angeloni, Liz

12 Brown Gordon, Sue

17 Chuang, Cynthia

50 Coy, Kimberly M.

58 Dinka, Dianna J.

47 Fox, Pam M.

38 Hampel, Christiane

227 Hausner, Martin

125 Johnston, Sharon

63 Mahfood, Bernadette S.

43 Marksz, Gail & Alex

218 Nelson, Joyce

162 Nilsson, Robert & Teresa

206 Polk, Randy

59 Reardon, Kathleen & Thomas

197 Romano, Gina

219 Strader, Molly

20 Strobel, John

73 Sundin, Lauran

140,142 Trisko, Robert

70 Vagner, Michael



196 Cambronne, Steve L.

207 Gurtan, Vedat

23 Johnson, Dennis A.

62 Lapso, Kathleen M.

225 Matthews, Mark

115 McCaffrey, Shirley

181 Otfinoski, Peter

166 Pattinian, Merri L.

217 Pompei, Vincent J.

129,130 Ricaurte, Rommel E.

152 Ruby, Kurt

96 Schmidt, Ron

224 Snider, Diane M.



65 Adams, Cynthia

208 Bi, Dan

182 Cheng, John

229 Doncaster, Barbara

21 Erlund, Beth

170 Fergus, Virginia S.

189 Ferrell, Jack

100 Gal, Yoram

52 Henderson, Debbie

215 Hunter, Chanpen

164 Katic, Milenko R.

228 Kern, Anna T.

66 Manneck, Holly

143 Manrique, Belisario N.

212 Mickelsen, Nina

121 Miller, Bill & Kelleghan, Susan

234 Mirandon, Nicholas

116 Williams, Liz

161 Wilson, Donna



8 Collins, Mary-Anne & Bill

114 Fountain, Doug

147 Laurent, Elaine

36 Stern, Robert & Patti

232 Wender, Andrew



24 Alexander, Rick L.

49 Armstrong, David

106 Barter, Stacy

113 Carlson, Julie

168 Conary, Mary Jane

158 Couch, Pamela

128 Crawford, Marta

135,137 Davis, April A.

202 Folks, Eva

177 Galloway-Carter, Sandra L.

64 Groenteman, Barbara

110 Guo, Yongqun

72 Holehouse, Jim G.

89,91 Hummel-Marconi, Debbie

15 Krupp, Barbara

44 Lee, Ning

61 Lin, Alan

145 Lowe, Michelle Nicole

31 Marshall, Kimberly

32 Maurer, John

4 Metzler, Janice G.

144 Miller, Charlotte F.

214 Miller, Sandra L.

122 Millsap, Thom

199 Odmark, Gary W.

2 Ostrowski, Joann S.

93,95 Park, Edward

57 Pearse, Darlene

75 Plumridge, Don

85 Pollack, Stephanie

127 Pransky, Phyllis

37,39 Reichow, Christine

226 Ross, Tom

101,103 Seslar, Lin

155 Skinner, Joy

172,174 Snow-Hein, Laurie

192 Soderquist, Linda H.

191 Solomon, Anne Marie

209 Thomas, Marcus C.

71 Wang, Jan Peng

109 Wang, Li

223 Warman, Abby

84 Whitney, Jan

11 Wu, guanwen

118 Wu, Man-Wai

88 Yuan, David

180 Zenor, Phillip L.



153 Blekfeld, Bernard

53 Cavanah, Doug

10 Clay, Eric

107 Cuba, Carlos

45 Deane, Jennifer Dana

40 Deng, John

94 Duse, Luciano

198 Easter, Jeff

46 Gerlach, Pat

81 Gerlich, Jack

1 Goodman, Dennis

203 Guglielmo, Chris

16 Humphrey, Larry

178 Jasinski, Michael & Brian

102 Johnson, Nels

167,169 Kousnsky, Isack

69 Louis, Jean-Claude M.

74 Megela, Jack

179 Richmond, James G.

117 Rowell, David E.

136 Sunquist, Lawrence B.



194 Campbell, David B.

235 Casco, Oscar

71A Causey, Scott

22 Gibson, Alan G.

87 Nogueira, A. Cesar

29 Okonkwo, Nnamdi

92 Peltier, Gilles

116A Pozzobonelli, Mauro P.

195 Rujuwa, Peter

186 Striewski, Andrea E.

183 Townsend, John W.

139 Tyree, Tanya L.



9 Baisley, Victor

60 Boudreau, Donald R.

190 Deveer, John & Levy, David

18 Holzbaur, Werner

210 Linn, Robert B.

99 Schmidt, Russ D.

211 Shoemaker, Roger

165 Smith, Woody

233 Vollmer, Jeffrey P.

79 Wilhelm, Robert A.

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Comment by Kathleen Taylor on March 21, 2012 at 12:25pm

OMG. Holly, that is scary stuff. Thank you for sharing and I'll add NAAI Think Tank to my contacts.

Comment by Kathleen Taylor on March 21, 2012 at 12:21pm

What a progressive resource! Thank you for sharing the link, Becky. I would love to have the form; getting the data together this way will be helpful in our info compilation, ongoing measurement and future artist communications as well.

Comment by Becky Bibro on March 21, 2012 at 12:13pm

Click on Art Show Statistics on the right.  I can send you a form to complete if it would help.

Comment by Kathleen Taylor on March 21, 2012 at 12:03pm

I have not been deeply involved for long, so first, these are things I would like to research with our Festivals Director. That will help me understand a baseline of our process and what works/what needs improvement before I attempt discussing more details.  I can see how that information would be helpful in clarifying the jurying process and decisions that are made regarding the make up of each show. Thank you for asking! Where have you been reporting your findings?

Comment by Becky Bibro on March 21, 2012 at 10:47am

Kathleen would you be willing to share the number of applicants in each medium that you guys received for this show, as well as the number of re-invited artists?  I have been helping with compilation and analysis on data like this, and can easily estimate the number based on your overall total applications, but it is much more accurate if the show shares the actual information.  Few shows are providing this, your show's transparency in this effort will not go unnoticed.  

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