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Our 10th Pledge Drive was one of our best solid pledges and wonderful prizes for all of you who support our mission to enable artists to earn a living at the nation's art fairs.

Your pledge really makes a difference. Not only was the response great - the personal messages to me about how helpful our websites have been for you was a wonderful reward. Thank you. 

The prizewinners were thrilled, especially the top winners:

  1. Debbie Stillman chooses: $200 gift certificate from Pro Panels

  2. John Houle chooses: a $300 Flourish gift certificate

  3. Patricia Venaleck chooses: the Ring Doorbell from

  4. Carolyn Copper chooses:$200 gift certificate from Pro Panels

  5. Lou Ann Grover chooses: a $300 Flourish gift certificate

See the rest of the prizewinners right here.

Who do we thank?


Ann Anglim, Ruchi Bartar, Jean Block, Edward Browning, Joan Brusch, Theodora Cox, Paula Dammeyer, Deborah Gunvaldsen, John Jassy, Norma Klein, Guillermo Pagan, Janet Peterson, Kristine Ritter, Barbara Scraggs, Mark Sherman, James Snively, Judith Spector, and Betty Werner

Ruth Davis Odile, Christie Wilcock, Patricia Venaleck, Wallace Fuller, Anne Metcalfe, Christine Lush-Rodriguez, Allison Farkas, Sonja Jones, Margie Luttrell, Anne Harding, and Hollis Graze

Theresa Jankowski, Mary Sommers, Geri Wegner, Bernadette Sza, Rhonda Brown, Patricia Monaco, Caroline Peters, Stephen Mineck, Beverly Cox, Kathryn Nidy, D Heraty, Musette Bonds, Nancy Falco, Sara Shambarger, John Shoemaker, Carol Faith, Jean Einstein, Kaity Klothes, Gerri Katz, Pamela Eckert, Moxie Sorber, Cindy Miceli, Peggy Roeder, Susan Kovach, Linda McCarthy, Laura Bundesen, and Garden Shed Studio

Lou Ann Grover, Shanghai Tai Designs, Chris Fedderson, Lori Burns, Susan Fleming, Bradley Gray, Frances Hooper, John Jassy (2), Alice Johnson, Michele Klein, L E Maynard Enterprises, Rita Lindsay, Memories Antique Gallery, Robert Pangman, Lyn Patterson, Karen Pfender, Regal Beads

Beverly Ringenberg, Kristine Ritter, Karen Ruff, Lori Ryerson, Veronika Willard, Beechtree Designs, Debbie Cooper, Jerry Dowdle, Susan Feder, Lebenart/Bumbley, Heidi Mandich, Charene Murray, Richard Seymour, Thomas Wingate, Barry Bernstein, Brent Coulter, Michael Perronne, Chengqing Wang, and Blake Museum

Tammie Everly, Robert Wallis, Katie Hoffman, Donna Dreyer, Larry Sohn, and Timothy Schroll, Natureation, Kristin Moger, Marla Wieck, Layl McDill, Geaux Photography, Scott Wright, Tina Noonan, Andrew Shea and Larry Sohn.


Mark Loeb, Gregory Shaull, Ron Gage, Clinton Dean, Janet Muchnik, and GRC Sign Network, Pam Wiggins, Debra Facciolo and John Desalme, Barbara Walker, Charlotte Beales, Burnt Offerings Art, Kevin Miller, Constance Ross, Donna Aurandt and Victoria Jackson

Angels: Richard Sherer, Debbie Stillman and Paolo DeMaria

The Prize Donors:

Luke Block and Sage Billig at, Howard Alan at Howard Alan Events, Ryan Muir and Jason Brown at, Larry Berman at and Julie Cochrane at

Carolyn Edlund from, Randall Fox at, Greg Lawler at the Art Fair Sourcebook, Janet & Howard Rose from; Richard Rothbard from; Larry Sanders of; Lynn Wettach at and John Leben at

Mark Burris at, Jeff Abele at, CC Barton, Jeff Christlieb at, Dave Emmons at Vermont Nature Creations, Mckenna Hallett at, Drew Hendrix and Leslie Clampitt at, Mark Loeb at and Josh McClure at

Debbie Stillman at, Patty Narozny at, Trudi van Dyke, Barb Walker at Art Spectacular, Larry Mitchell at, Franklin Puick at, and John Appellazano at Holbein Artist Materials

See the prizes:

Thank you everyone for your pledges and your kind words for our work. Now we'll get to work and continue to help artists earn a living at the nation's art fairs.

--- the team: Jacki Bilsborrow, Larry Berman, Tina Towell, John McKiernan, Meg Mettler and me too, Connie

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Comment by Connie Mettler on June 25, 2019 at 6:40pm

Oh, thank you, Larry. It is a mission for me to help my friends earn a living in this strange/exciting/challenging business. I so much appreciate it every time someone helps another artist. Together we know a lot!

Comment by Larry Maynard on June 25, 2019 at 6:01pm

Thank you for creating, moderating, and maintaining a terrific site for all artists whether just seeking advice, or attempting to increase their revenue stream. A terrific site, keep up the good work.   

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