TACA nashville was dry but windy

this show is all volunteer-organized by the Tennessee arts and crafts assoc and the new director is super charged up elaine wood. In its 39th year, it was my first time there, along with about 175 other booths. The staff, each and everyone, was exceptionally nice everyday; checking in to see if you need a booth sitter, handing out bottles of water, introducing themselves, just helpful in everyway....Each morning was an awesome breakfast ( as well as great egg and chicken salad sandwiches wrapped in foil) in the artist's tent along with an awards ceremony on saturday morning.

Friday was really thin crowd-wise, i had only three sales, but looked forward to sat and sunday....Saturday was better but the crowds, so i heard, were nothing like in the past, still, my sales were really good. It was really windy (2 booths went over) and 68 degrees and Sunday was no different, the big crowds were not there. i picked up a couple of retail stores ( a main goal of mine) and i did well for sales. i'd go back again. But talking with other people i found out some weren't making their booth fee.

Load-in and load out was a breeze because it didn't rain, but ive heard it's dolly in and out if its wet. we broke down at 5 pm and i was on the road by 620pm.

I saw alot of nice quality work and also alot of very dated work. I can only think the flood last week kept the masses away which may be the reason some people didn't do well. On to the next one in june. hope this is helpful for anyone considering it next year.
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