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I did this show that happens Thanksgiving weekend many years ago, but quit it and a few others before it so that I could be home in Wyoming for Thanksgiving. Seeing the list of winners makes me wish I could still travel to Florida for two reasons: I see a lot of friends and a gobs of prize money! I haven't yet heard about sales, how the change of venue is progressing, and how the other show not too very far away on the same weekend (READ THE REVIEW BY LORI KAY FOR THE OTHER SHOW HERE) figures into the mix out there on the beach. Congratulations everyone! WOOHOO!

Category / Award Artist Name Booth #
Best in Show – $3000 Raymond Book 278
Best Display – $500 John Mascoll 147
President’s Award – $500 – PENDING

A. Oils and Acrylics
1st Place – $1,800 Richard Currier 359
2nd Place – $1,200 Michelle Hinz 370
3rd Place – $800 Angus Macaulay 209
Merit Awards ($500 each) A. Brown 131

B. Watercolors
1st Place – $1,800 M. Kemper 115
2nd Place – $1,200 Witha Lacuesta 368
3rd Place – $800 Jim Holehouse 102
Merit Awards ($500 each) Michael Weber 291

C. Drawings, Graphics, Collages, Printmaking & Paper
1st Place – $1,800 Collin Margerum 248
2nd Place – $1,200 Jeff Eckert 358
3rd Place – $800 John Margerum 151
Merit Awards ($500 each) Anne Wooster 166

D. Clay
1st Place – $1,800 Robert Kastrinos 328
2nd Place – $1,200 Mina Heuslein 249
3rd Place – $800 Fong Choo 154

E. Sculpture
1st Place – $1,800 Joan Rasmussen 212
2nd Place – $1,200 Jack Hill 101
3rd Place – $800 David Figeuroa 148

F. Photography
1st Place – $1,800 Jay Canterbury 220
2nd Place – $1,200 Chris Gug 318
3rd Place – $800 Lorri Honeycutt 343
Merit Awards ($500 each) Karin Connolly 361

G. Glass
1st Place – $1,800 Bill Slade 160
2nd Place – $1,200 Kirk Miller 328
3rd Place – $800 James Stanford 300

H. Jewelry
1st Place – $1,800 Erh-Ping Tsai 224
2nd Place – $1,200 Claudia Melchiorre 303
3rd Place – $800 Wiwat Kamolpornwijit 241
Merit Awards ($500 each) Peggy Miller 170

I. Leather, Fiber & Wood
1st Place – $1,800 Bounkhong Signavong 289
2nd Place – $1,200 Lillian Huger 280
3rd Place – $800 John Mascoll 147
Merit Awards ($500 each) Leean Krotetsch 340

J. Mixed Media
1st Place – $1,800 Nicario Jimenez 109
2nd Place – $1,200 James Nemnich 124
3rd Place – $800 Tony Krysinksy 251

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Comment by Denise D Mumm on December 4, 2015 at 3:29pm

I was at this show. I came from NYC, missing family Thanksgiving, etc.  I was drawn by the pictures of last year's prize winners - an outstanding group of artists.  This year's winners, the same. The setting and weather were outstanding. It is run extremely well - tons of helpful, smiling volunteers.   But, I had no sales.   People didn't really look at my work, despite my engaging every person who came near in conversation. I did get chosen by the judges as a finalist for a prize (alas, no prize - nice work Anne. You were in my category.).  However, the lady next to me selling beach glass jewelry was cleaning up.

I think this festival has to decide what it is.  There was a mixture of street fair and high end art. I think the high end art ended up being entertainment and people bought the street fair goods.  I found out late about the competing Cocoa Beach fair. Otherwise I might have cancelled. I was hoping that would be made up of local artists and the Space Coast Festival would have the national people. Even so, I fear the art buyers just can't sustain 2 fairs.

It's my first year out on the circuit, so I'm still learning. I pour over this site to gain any insight and I appreciate the comments here.

Comment by Barrie Lynn Bryant on December 2, 2015 at 8:07pm

Connie, I'm always surprised when I discover a show that many friends are doing that I didn't already know about. And I'm doubly surprised when you say you've not heard of a show (like DeLand last week) or refer to one with prize money like this one as one that's "relatively unknown."  It's so difficult to stay completely informed about all of the shows and opportunities available to us. I'm constantly networking with colleagues and researching shows in magazines and online to suss venues, and I know you are, too, in order to keep AFI as relevant and up to date as possible.

18 of these award winners are regular Florida show participants. The majority live in the area, like Orlando and Tampa and the Florida eastern seaboard area. Some of them get out and away from Florida, some of them with mixed results, and others who do well enough to keep giving other states a try. A few actually go everywhere like we had been doing for so long. I don't see many folks from the Panhandle area doing this show.

Comment by Anne Wooster on December 2, 2015 at 12:35pm
The Space Coast show has been going on for 53 years. I have been told this show was very good before NASA shuttled the Space Shuttle and the Titusville/ Cocoa region lost 7000 and 12000 great paying jobs. Space Coast is now held at Port Canaveral, in Cocoa. The other show is in downtown Cocoa. These are the biggest shows for the region. Why do they have to be on the same weekend? Most artists were complaining of poor sales at Space Coast. I had two good sales and a merit award. I was happy for the first time in three years. I think awards come from show sponsors.
Comment by Connie Mettler on December 2, 2015 at 12:10pm

Hey thanks for this, Barrie. I see the Margerums are up to their tricks -- father and son both winning awards. And John Mascoll with all that wonderful wood picked up two prizes. Always a good show when my friend Michael Weber takes home some prize money.

You're right about the shows, I especially miss all the great people in the business, which draws me back to shows again and again. These are some good prizewinners here.

Does anyone know how these Florida shows come up with this prize money? This is a lot of money to give away at a relatively unknown art fair. Oh, and where is "Space Coast?"

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