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"Sorry Bunch of Show Directors", or maybe not

From my mailbox: 
May 27, 2016

Hello Connie,

  Last year and half have been the most difficult for Jin and I, due to my having a heart attack Feb. 2015 on the way back from Mt Dora, losing every show we had for 2015. Interestingly not one show offered to help in any manner such as maybe we can help you with a booth next year. Send us a doctors letter and we will reimburse your booth fee. Nothing. No word.

Beginning this year, again coming out of Florida, again had yet another attack, along with 2 more this year. All with hospitalization being required. Again after contacting the shows with the issue, offer doctors letters describing the severity of the situation.  4 shows have made it clear the time to ask for a refund of booth fee had passed. What the hell is wrong with these people. Something show directors need to understand and clear with their legal team. If an artist shows up, after making it noted he is suffering a major medical issue and something happens, that show can be held accountable. They can deny till the cows come home. My suggestion they check it out before they run their mouths.

I have never been so disappointed in such a callous, group as what I'm am seeing out of the shows these day and the concern they have for the artist. This is disgraceful behavior and shows a total like of concern or respect for the artist. All about there show and thats it.  

And no I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do what I loved for 20 years, "Art Fairs"

John and Jin Powell 

5/31  Got into a medical trial that so far seems to be helping. Optimistic the future will be brighter. So I smile, hoping the world will smile back.

6/18  Did contact most of the directors with the shows Jin and I had to cancel with this year. Reinforcing my heath situation with letters from most the doctors i'm having to work with presently. Most seem to be very understanding under these circumstances so booth refunds have been issued. 

Jin and I will try a small show this fall, but not sure that will even pan out. Pray God will help us through these times. Along with the prayer from so many artist friends , patrons Jin and I have been blessed to befriend over the years.

Hoping by September I will have better news on my condition. I believe hope is to the soul as breathing is to the body. So I'm determine to keep the faith. 

Thank you

John and Jin Powell . 2Js Studio . Memphis.TN 

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