I don't have an answer for this so I thought I'd start the discussion/thread.

I've seen lots of signage meant for "normal" stores; tape on the floor, printed round thingies that promote social distancing, etc. However, I've yet to find something ready made, though my search is by no means extensive, that might be appropriate for an art fair booth short of making my own. I've even "googled" images thinking I'd make my own poster to put up.

Anyone hit on something that they would like to share?

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  • Don, you have some great ideas.  Very creative.  You sound like you are prepared.

  • I doubt that any shows will be happening anytime in the near future that would warrant putting up with all the massive safety precautions needed to participate and ensure our safety and the safety of others.

    There are entirely too many people out there that still refuse to wear a mask and are delusional enough to fantasize that they and their friends and family are immune.

  • I've thought of buying one of these from Harbor Freight however, all the stores I've checked locally don't have them, they donated a lot of the safety stuff at the beginning of the COVID to hospitals and other health care workers.6736125100?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I think that it is going to be left to our- own ingenuity. I recently redid my booth in anticipation for Fall shows (hopeful thinking). Across the front I have a "picket fence" with a gate in the middle on a screen door spring. On the door the sign says "For everybodies safety only ONE person at a time in the booth." In the back of the booth I have a plexiglass shield like you see in stores, seperating me from my "business" table. I also have signs asking folks not to touch the artwork (I am a painter and folks always have to touch the texture -sigh!). I have bottles of hand sanitizer, wipes, and alcohol spray for desinfecting paintings, credit cards, etc. Am toying with the idea of have DC fans running constantly in the upper corners to keep air flow going. I will not have print bins - but have a poster with images they can order and be sent to their address. I will not have business cards but a sign that the can take a picture of with all my info. If I keep on going all that is missing in my paranoia is to be in sackcloth and ashes, ringing a bell, and shouting..."bring out your dead!"

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