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In the midst of writing my weekly newsletter for (you are a subscriber, aren't you?) I started reviewing this site for tidbits of activity. As they say in blog world, OMG! I really try to keep up but someone out there has been talking about to others. Who in Virginia started that flood of
new members? Was someone talking about us at an art fair? At last count ten new members joined us from that state. Who do we give credit to? Was it Dave from Norfolk? Whatever, thanks so much.

Then I went looking for show reports. Not only do we have the high profile ones by our stalwart bloggers Nels Johnson, Michelle Sholund, Linda Anderson (and many more), but I visited the
Show Reviews tab and saw lots more, including: Don Crozier, Jorge Caligiuri, Whitney Peckman, John Hatcher, Cindy Schmidt, C. David, Pauline Ross, Terri Drake, Kaelin Cordis, Genece Hamby, David Hipwell, Lizz Harris, and so many more covering art fairs from Missouri to Massachusetts. Very cool! There are over
3000 photos in the gallery! And, amazingly
274 discussions! We know Ron Mellott did not write all of those, or William Eickhorst or Paula Johnson.
We have had a few spammers that I have had the high pleasure of "banning" from the network. Thanks to those of you who ferreted them out and let me know. I'm still waiting for participation from DJ "Assassin" who joined in the winter. This is my sincere thanks for everyone's participation (even you lurkers). Art Fair Insiders is just about to celebrate its 1st birthday. Look what we have done together. I'm trying to come up with some presents to celebrate. Maybe you have some ideas? Are you recruiting for Art Fair Insiders? I hope so. We are working to help everyone out in this business and I need numbers so I can impress advertisers so I can afford to keep this running and pay my Internet bill. Right? You're there for me, I know. How about some suggestions below to let me know how I (we) can improve the site. Your input would be so welcome and it would be great to know I'm not just talking to myself.

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Comment by geri a. wegner on October 13, 2009 at 10:32pm
Congrats Connie. I love reading everything here. I like learning about art festivals from the artist's perspective. I have been spreading the word at art festivals whenever I can. I selfishly want more artists from the Illinois/Wisconsin area so I can make sure to find out about the best festivals. Now if something can be done to improve the art festivals in south Florida.
Comment by Michelle Sholund on October 14, 2009 at 8:22am
Nice write up! Thanks for all YOU have done - managing it, your suggestions and comments, the blogs, all of it. You make it easy to want to participate here. It is apart of my daily routine. I don't have any employees so I find reading up on the news here is really invaluable especially the show reviews. With Tequilla Reports, lively discussions in the forums and the ability to network by becoming friends with fellow artists I can't think of anything right now to improve the site. It's fun and easy to use.
Comment by Dave Hinde on October 14, 2009 at 10:23am
I may be indirectly responsible for some new members. I mentioned Art Fair Insiders in a Chesapeake Bay Art Association newsletter a couple times. Once as an online resource, and another time when I put in information about ceiling tarps.
Comment by Susanne on October 15, 2009 at 4:20pm
This is with out a doubt the best forum I have found for Art Fair enthusiasts. The generous and open information shared by the forum members here is something that is missing from most forums I have looked at. In other forums the posters are few and far between and usually just the same few people. The wide ranging topics are great and the site is easy to use. I would love some Canadian members as there is nothing like this for Canadians that I have managed to find so far. Congratulations!
Comment by Barbara Sistak Baur on October 15, 2009 at 5:44pm
Hi Connie -- Congrats on the first year! The growth has been incredible! I do take any opportunity I can to tell artists about this site -- because it is sooooo valuable. Keep it up!


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