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We have had the extreme pleasure of exhibiting with Howard and Janet Rose (Rosesquared) for 30 years. On May 14-15 this year, we did the 25th annual Fine Arts and Crafts at Verona Park, Verona NJ. Despite the iffy weather and the economic ups and downs, it was our best Verona show ever!

We do 30 shows a year on average and, hands down, they are the best promoters we work with. They are fair, vigilant and helpful under all circumstances. They actually DO promote their show the way they say they will and are always looking for new ways to make them a success for all their exhibitors. Never have we done a show with them that they didn't walk by many times during the show and always check in to see how we fared each time. (I am sure you have all done shows that were not well attended or a buying crowd and the promoters magically become invisible. If it rains, they are instantly sending the troops (their sons and friends) around with straw or mulch to distribute in trouble spots. Unusual that exhibitors don't have to beg for such a thing.

Anyway, this weekend was Brookdale Park and, as always, the crowds turned out and bought consistently. The mediums were well balanced and the food was actually tasty as an additional perk. We had a sunny weeknd for a change despite the torrential rain on Friday during setup.

Many thanks to the Roses for all their efforts and support. It takes artists to understand best how to be great promoters.


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  • we lucked out on the weather though i wasn't so sure friday during setup—hail, thunder and lightning while sitting in a van under trees next to my metal tent.  All types of humanity passing by and buying.  Kudos to janet and howard.  Also, sunday, there was a soccer game in field adjoinging the show area. turned out that a soccer ball landed thru a windshield. and it turned out to be janet's windshiled! Janet said she was happy that it wasn't a crafter's! She stopped the game and got all the soccer players to sit down and wait for the police to make a report.  Said it was because she used her best teachers voice.  That's the kind of person she is—nice and nice to have her on our side! Thanks Janet.
  • Glad to hear everyone had a good show.  (especially you, Wendy!) I can't agree more with the comments.  I have been very happy with all of the RoseSquared shows I have done in the past.  Maybe next year I will go to Brookdale instead of Rhinebeck which was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow this year!
  • 301640217?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024This is a shot from my booth at the RoseSquared Brookdale Park show in Montclair, NJ June 19, 2011.
  • I also had a great show in Brookdale Park in Montclair, NJ last weekend. The weather was perfect -- aside from the pouring rain on set-up day. Great crowds of enthusiastic people in an affluent NY suburb. And I also agree that the Roses are terrific promoters. They are incredibly honest and hard-working. When I opened my tent on Saturday morning, I discovered mud in the first two feet of my booth. I flagged Howard and Janet down (they are always nearby, walking the show) and they sent a crew of guys with mulch and rakes to patch up the spot. Problem solved in 15 minutes, including the time it took to find Howard and Janet. I especially like doing this show because you can park your car behind your booth and leave it there. Breakdown is a breeze. When the weather cooperates, as it did last week, this event is ideal.
  • I was wondering why you weren't in Downingtown this weekend!  Glad it went so well Dale!  Hope to see you in Wilmington next month!


  • I have to agree with Dale.  Janet and Howard are some of the best promoters in the business.  I haven't done their shows this year, but have done them for many years in the past.  They REALLY care about their artists.  Know them all by name.  Know any problems they might have, and are there full time throughout the show helping artists as well as patrons.  Their shows are always well juried and for all these years they've managed to keep out the buy/sell and the junk.  Keep up the good work, Roses.
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