Protecting your jewelry at an Art Show

Just wondering if anyone has used wireless security cameras at an art show and posted that their booth was secured with cameras?  Usually there are two of us manning the booth at an art show but I'm still being hit.  I did a show in RI a short while ago and someone walked off with a $149.00 pair of seaglass earrings. They took the earrings and the earring holder.  At a show a few years ago (I was by myself) someone walked off with a necklace and bracelet valued at $550.00 while I was busy with a customer.    I do have glass cases but I also have a lot of my jewelry out on forms so that people can touch and try. I'm thinking of using wireless security cameras, has anyone tried this? 

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  • I have not used cameras, but I do not sell jewelry either.  My more expensive pieces tend to be too big to carry off without being noticed ... furntiure and medium sized home decor.

    I am curious about something.  Even if you use the wireless cameras and notice the disappearance of stock after the fact, how do you track down the offender?  Unless of course they also bought something and you've collected contact information.  Will you be posting signage about security cameras to deter theft?

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