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Mckenna Hallett, a professional trainer and consultant for small business, shares strategic tips from her 25 year career that has covers the entire spectrum of earning a living as an artist: developing a jewelry line, selling one-of-a-kind work to fine art and craft galleries, servicing wholesale accounts (including Neiman Marcus) and selling at a weekly retail show near her home in Maui. 

During this time she has always mentored other artists including teaching seminars on how to sell art. Mckenna has developed a selling system, the E's of Sellling. We talk about what she has learned and share her very solid selling advice. This is not about selling online, but rather how to make more sales in your face-to-face engagements at your shows.

Ever hear, "I'll think about it? " Gain confidence and learn what to DO and SAY when they say they need to think about it! Did you know you are a already a perfect "salesperson" when you are recommending a good book or a restaurant?  You share good things naturally, until it's YOUR art you are recommending. We're not talking about being salesy or “closing deals.” Listen to find out what to do next with solid tips to take to your next show.

To listen click the Art Fair Radio icon up there in the right hand corner, or this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artfairs/2016/06/22/selling-art-face-to-face--101-tips

Learn more before the show about Mckenna: http://mygoldenwords.com/my-mission/

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  • I see you are a framer and have lovely prints for sale - neither of which I need after years of collecting. I have a closet filled with art ready for the next rotation in my home.

    Your framing, design, and technical skills are exceptional, Barry! If you are as busy as it seems you are, you should have $57 sitting around to spend on my exceptional system.

    So...just say no... I can handle it. But being too busy to push a few buttons or needing to trade to purchase is a very long drawn out "no". Just say no or push some buttons and change your "presentation" life forever.

    THE CAVEAT. My book will make you even busier, so you might need to raise your prices? LOL!!

    All the best. I will keep an eye on my inbox for your purchase! Money back guarantee! 

    Thinking of rainbows for your future...Aloha for now...

  • How about an Exchange? I'll be in touch and, although I'm scheduled beyond belief, contact won't be Eons away. Gotta Employ myself beyond the Extracurricular right now.

  • Elated by your Excellent Evaluation!!! LOL, thanks so much Barrie.

    HEY~I don't think you own the E's of Selling Art System yet - you aren't on my list of buyers? Do yourself a big hug (and make me even more Excited for YOU) and buy it. What could it hurt to have one Extra sale after getting a little more wind under your sails/sales? Just sayin....


  • I listened to the podcast later and thoroughly enjoyed it. Quite engaging details! Love your enthusiasm, Mckenna! You have quite the endurance! Eeep up the encouragement!

    All e's aside, you have an infectious personality that raises the level of charm in the air. That might lead a customer to feel elated (sorry, I lied about all e's aside) to have interacted and bought from you. They'll feel exultant, euphoric, ecstatic, etc. I think that's a trait that's really special to exude and the final E we can all aspire to enlist.

    All e's aside again, this time for real. WOOHOO!

  • Got it. Thanks!

  • It works for me, Linda ... ALTHOUGH ... there is a lag before the podcast starts ... working on those technical issues ... that link is good and will be there forever ... as well as what Mckenna said above.

  • Hey Linda... LOOK on the home page - black square on top left side and that should lead to the interview! Thanks for your interest and your question.  


  • Connie- Where is this podcast available? When we go to this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artfairs/2016/06/22/selling-art-face-t... 
    there isn't any video (note the comments from others). Thanks!

  • Just to back up Mckenna's comment above -- yep, if you listen live (or in a very timely fashion) she has put together something special for our listeners. 

  • Thanks, folks!   I will try my best to get back home in a timely fashion!

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