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Most artists have made their peace with the digital upload systems,, and If you want to participate in the better shows you sign up and upload your images for the jury. 

But how did this get started and what is the relationship of the individual artist or individual art fair with these systems?

Here are our experts:

  • photographer Larry Oliverson who was instrumental in introducing the concept of online applications to the art fair business by bringing artists, art fairs and Westaf (the agency which provides ZAPP) together
  • painter Kathleen Eaton who is an artist member of the ZAPP Oversight Committee and is writing a book about the history of art fairs. During the past two years she has juried two shows that used the ZAPP system
  • Leah Charney, Manager of ZAPP®. She oversees the ZAPP product and the 350+ clients, 570+ events and more than 60,000 active artists that use the system

These guests have a long history with the organization and can provide both historical data as well as current operating information.

We'll discuss the myths and truths about:

  • how Zapp has changed the art fair business
  • Zapp's relationship with the shows
  • best practices on preparing your application and making digital systems work for you
  • what an "artist advisor" does

Zapp is going to be around for a long time and understanding its processes and using it to its fullest is advantageous to everyone in the art fair business. 

Call into the show: (805) 243-1338.

Leave your questions in the comments below and I'll include them in the podcast.


For more details on how ZAPP uses artists to advise and develop their system:


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Comment by Connie Mettler on May 16, 2013 at 11:07am

One more time the experts I recruited for a podcast overwhelmed me with the depth of their expertise and information. Larry Oliverson turns out to be the guy (with some input from others) who came up with the idea for a universal application process many years ago when he suggested a paper one for all shows to use, which led to the digital systems now in place. 

Kathy Eaton told about her experience jurying the Cherry Creek Art Festival back in the slide days and compared it to her husband Jim Eaton's recent jurying with the ZAPP system, with attendant statistics.

Leah Charney has a depth of information about art fairs, the events, their organizers and the 60,000 active artists in the system that put all of the information into perspective.

To anyone who is still mystified with how ZAPP works with shows and its relationship, Leah put it succinctly: it is strictly a software program, like an Excel program. Shows "buy" the software and use it to manage their applications.

As always on these podcasts they get off to a slow start but by the end you're pretty amazed by all you have learned. So listen to the end!

Thank you Kathy, Larry & Leah for spending time with me.

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