I have used plastic bags with my logo imprinted on them for years. Carbondale Moutaina Fair, CO has prohibitd single use plastic at this years show. I'm not upset about this and have seen it coming. I feel for the artist who wrap work in bubble wrap for clients to take home. It always rains in the afternoon in the mountains so I hope clients bring protective bags for leather. We will take some brown paper bags but they aren't much good in rain. FYI Carbondale is sort of a funky, ex hippy community (IMHO) between Glenwwod Springs and Aspen, CO. I am curious if this is a trend at other shows. 

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  • I got several interesting replies from across the country about this issue on FaceBook sites: Art Fair Reviews, Art Fair Reviw and Art Fair Forum. Artists there are more concerned about what is happening in our business than just selling tents and propanels. I found Kraft bages large enough for holsters and canteens at Amazon Prime: 50 for $15.

    This was the show statement: 

    "• No single use of plastic, if you are unsure please let me know and I can help you get the information you need.
    • Outreach, art and craft booths must sample their products using compostable materials and cannot use plastic bags. Please contact Green Team if you will be giving or sampling anything to event attendees."
    I have no idea what vthey mean by "sampling". Carbondale is a little "weird/funky"compared to the rest of Colorado All I want to know is if they will have plastic forks for the cake and pie auction of contest winners🤣
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    • Hi Richard,

      Here in Ohio, or at least the NE area where I live, plastic grocery bags were supposed to be banned I believe 2020, but then covid hit and all was postponed. Wrong time to have customers bringing their own bags into the stores.

      I have done CT shows prior to 2020, and for my sales tax, I believe there was a .10 charge per plastic bag that I used, or something like that. 

      I just purchased some kraft shoppers through Uline. Before that I had been using another company that seems to have tripled their prices. Your Amazon price sound good.


      • Thanks for info. I see several people use Uline but I do not because owner is stongly anti LBGTQ. In plan to phase out my plastic bags and use Kraft with logo printed on them. There is a lot of confusion out there about what does "single use" really mean. Alls sorts of replies on Facbook including the dog poop one. Also concern about bubble and shrink wrap. I don't think the Carbondale admin had dug very deep into what can of worms they were opening, but more green power to them for trying. 

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