Patagonia, Sky Islands Fall Artisans Market 2021

This show used to be put on by local artists but has more recently been administered by the SAACA group that does other shows in Tucson. Patagonia is a great place to visit this time of year (Oct) as the weather has turned to cool nights and warm days. The location of the park in the middle of town was a great place for a show. Total number of "vendors" for this show was reduced as a COVID precaution so most booths were well spaced with about half having a large space behind for storage. There was buy/sell evident at this show and, in fact, multiple "media" in several booths. The range of quality was wide from "hand-painted" sun glasses to fine art and hand made silver jewelry of high quality. There was ample accommodation for those that had trailers to park near the show. There are limited hotel accommodations nearby and several BnB type accommodations can be had, otherwise you'd have to stay in Nogales! (20 miles away). There was a steady stream of people who came to see the show but limited buying energy on higher end items. There are a lot of people who come to this area in the fall for bird watching activities or those with second homes that "fly" south for the winter themselves. This was a typical Arizona crowd, Snow Bird older couples in the AM and mid age and younger later in the day. Booth fees are reasonable. There were plenty of snacks and water brought around by show personnel a couple times during the day. This is not a show I would do again as it was way too far to travel with a limited return. Maybe in Sedona, the same weekend, I might have fared better. If I lived in the Tucson area I might do it again as Patagonia is a nice place to visit!

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