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Mainstreet to the Rockies Downtown Frisco Art Festival, an HA event

This was the first time experience for this artist in Frisco, did an HA event in Redstone, UT years ago billed as Park City, UT a bait and switch?

All spaces were marked for the early (5AM) load in time. Load in was remarkably not chaotic as was load out, everyone behaved themselves. Minimal presence of staff with fewer instructions at the time of load-in, most instructions were given via their website or online way ahead of the show.

It has been years since I've done a mountain art show and maybe this experience is a reminder to me why I gave up on them. IMHO this was not a "destination" art fair. In other words, it was not an exclusive event like a Cherry Creek, etc. Most people were there as weekend or longer term vacationers or people who live in the area. The event was noted on multiple posters around town and a big banner at one end of the main street. People attending the event were "pedestrians" out for a stroll, didn't look like a crowd eager to buy but rather there to enjoy the day and whatever was going on. Energy was low for buying. HA's promotional material says that he brings out the buying public, or something like that, I don't know how that applies to his other shows but I would say for this show the "crowd" was not there exclusively for the show mostly just the local ambiance. Did not see a whole lot of big items moving through the crowd. Some photography bin pieces were seen though. Didn't "make" any money, lost a lot though! Artists near me felt as if their sales were down from the previous year.

Too many Photographers ( 20%) and Jewelers for a show of this size (125 artists). The weather was perfect. Parking for vehicles and campers was provided at either end of the show, no artist amenities (a granola bar at 6 AM), no booth sitters, porta potties were in the middle of a 4 block long show but were available at the visitor center or local restaurants.

Frisco, CO is a wonderful little town that hasn't entirely fallen to the glitz that typifies some of the Colorado mountain ski towns, it still maintains some of its charm and dignity. It isn't however inexpensive to stay here, even with Airbnb, and food can be a little pricey though there are a few select spots that are still affordable. I guess I could have driven the 75 miles back home each day but traffic on I-70 and going up and down the mountains can be a horrendous experience. Oh and, if yer not used to the elevation (9000+ feet) you WILL feel it. I spend plenty of time in the mountains and still had a hard time with sleep and the exertion of setup.

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Comment by Connie Mettler on August 21, 2018 at 4:55pm

What took you to this event, Brian?

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