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Looking for Artists: Chocolate in Peanut Butter

Dear Artists, 

Are you ready for the chance to stay in the studio and do more creating?

Are you really ready to monetize your website?

Would you like to have clients and shops around the country finding you online?

Welcome to Chocolate in Peanut Butter*

                                             a boutique site of fine goods "made in the USA"
The team at Chocolate in Peanut Butter is looking for artists and designers of fine goods to join our community. We offer an extensive background in retail, fashion, media and public relations and are out to leverage our skills to create a one-stop shopping site full of amazing pieces of all handmade goods and items from the USA. The site will be marketed as the "go to" for retail buyers, media and clients to shop all things American.

Chocolate in Peanut Butter is not an Etsy, Big Cartel or Dawanda. CiPB is a meeting place for consumers who do not want to spend hours searching for fine goods online. They know when they visit our site that they can browse with confidence that all pieces were made in the USA. This includes retail buyers shopping for goods for their stores.

I speak from years of buying for my stores, if I had a "go to" like CiPB to purchase beautiful American made products, it would have changed my buying process and saved me a lot of time and money.

So, I reach out to you before we start our media blitz with Chic Exec's.** I promise you our fan base will grow quickly as there is no other website that provides an efficient way for consumers, retail buyers and media to search for products in a beautiful "store front" setting. 


    1.    Please go to

           and "join the crusade". We will then contact you for
           photos and a link to your site. If this email has found
           you, you have already been selected to participate as
           this is an "invite only site", all others must submit
           product for approval.

    2.    We will blitz/market using our 20,000 media contacts
           and facilitate all inquiries

    3.    Interested shoppers will be able to click directly through to your website to shop further

    4.    You will fulfill all purchases

                               No commission, no fees, no special advertising costs 

Please consider joining CiPB. Our media blitz is set to go out March 16th. We are busy putting new companies and products on our site, so please allow us time to do that same for you.


We offer an affordable way for you to market your brand or pieces.  
We offer 3 month, 6 month and 1 year representation on the site.
3 months - $60, 6 months - $99, 1 year - $200

We will offer 1 year publication to Art Fair participants for $150 a year.

This promotion will expire on March 18th, 2011.

Right now Diane Sawyer is focusing on companies that offer made in America goods. It is more important then ever that we provide an efficient, shop friendly atmosphere for clients to learn more about you.

Please contact me if you should have any questions,

Michelle Thelen
New Talent Director

*The site's name is derived from an unmistakable and uniquely American combination-chocolate in peanut butter. We have hand selected designers that offer posh pieces that are only "made in America."
**Chic Exec's have been successful with product placement in over 100 mainstream publications just within the last year!  Their clients have been featured in magazines such as Brides, Parenting, "O", People, In Style, Tot Trends, In Style, Pregnancy and Newborn, US Weekly and Glamour - just to name a few!

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Comment by Connie Mettler on March 18, 2011 at 9:17pm
I hope you have looked hard at this, especially if you create work that might be construed as "product", and I do NOT mean that in a derogatory way. But, I know many of you do make decorative and classy pieces that are definitely one of a kind, or one of a theme. This should be mighty good exposure for only $150...I mean, what does a booth fee cost?

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